Did [Spoiler] Really Die In “The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem” On Black Lightning?

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Black Lightning’s back!

Last week, we were off for the elections in the States. Still, it gives us some much-needed time to digest what went down. Tobias, as of now, has had charges dropped against him or the murder of Jefferson’s father. He’s a free man. Meanwhile, new Principal Lowry has had a zero-tolerance policy in place at Garfield. Due to this, Lynn and Jefferson decide to homeschool Jennifer. Between that and Anissa leaving, Jenn turns to Khalil for comfort.

Anissa and Jefferson both are having some strong disagreements over their different heroing styles. Lynn, meanwhile, is left dealing with her callous college Doctor Jace, who is very interested in the DNA of her family.

With that, it’s time to open a new book.

Livin’ It Up: Gambi is driving home when he is attacked by the gangsters that Anissa stole from. He heads on a wild car chase with some defensive driving. He purposefully crashes his car which explodes. Oh snap! Is Gambi really dead? Or did he pull a Nick Fury on us? Anissa decides to volunteer at the clinic that she helped save, which is short-staffed following the bomb scare. The Reverend tells her that it isn’t an easy job, but she’s ready to tackle it. Jenn tries to get used to her new homeschooling situation. Khalil continues to text her, causing her to flashback on their meeting. She confesses about her situation to him, who apologizes for his part in the attack. When Khalil tries to broach the subject of them, she leaves. Anissa goes to meet with her first patient, a young pregnant woman. Her boyfriend, who brought her, is extremely jumpy. Khalil brings a councilman to Tobias, who reveals that he has information on him accepting money from Martin Proctor. The briefcase contained a file on the councilman, which Tobias is using to blackmail him. Henderson visits Jefferson, telling him that Gambi is dead.

After: Henderson tells Jefferson and Anissa more about what happened. Jefferson reveals to Anissa that Henderson knows. Henderson asks that they let him handle this. Jefferson that they need to protect Gambi. Anissa wants to go out, but Jefferson wants to take things slow. Gambi’s contingencies have contingences. He wants to wait for confirmation that he’s dead. Doctor Jace sees Lynn’s latest project: a cure for the kids. The simulation only has a fifty-fifty shot. Lynn wants to get it to a one percent. Anissa comes to see Jenn and tell her what happened with Gambi. Jenn breaks down crying in Anissa’s arms. Anissa then goes to visit Grace for some comfort. She tells Grace that, outside of her family, she wanted to spend a last day with her. The two then kiss and go to the bedroom. Lynn comes home and holds Jefferson in bed, no words needed.

Daybreak: Anissa kisses Grace’s neck, asking what she is thinking. Grace thinks that last night was a mistake. She tells Anissa that she is not her handbag. She can’t appear and disappear for her life as needed. Grace wants to let Anissa in, but she got burned before. She wants Anissa to stay away from her, knowing that she can’t promise she’d hurt her again. Grave, meanwhile, has some sort of weird sin thing going on. A drink of a water and pill makes it go away. Lynn and Jenn begin to plan Gambi’s services and go through his things. She finds a pocket watch that Gambi kept with a picture of him and Jefferson in it. The councilman announces an anonymous donation for the relocation and staff hiring for the clinic. Lynn tries to check in with Jefferson, who insists he’s fine. She presents him with the pocket watch, but Jefferson wants her to take it back. He refuses to believe that Gambi is dead. Jefferson goes to a bar and tries to drink his sorrows. Two-Bits arrives to offer his condolences. A patron grabs the ass of a waitress. Jefferson intervenes and punches the dude across the face. Henderson and Two-Bits pulls Jefferson off of him. Jefferson tells Henderson how he feels like Freeland takes and takes without end.

Melted: Whatever liquid was in the skin of the boyfriend jumps around in the jar. Khalil comes to see Jenn, who wants to offer his condolences. He tells her that if she needs anything to let him know. Outside of Gambi’s shop, Jefferson sees the little makeshift memorial to Gambi. Anissa, working on the computer, sees it. Jefferson takes a look at the pocket watch and breaks, crying over it. Anissa comes up to comfort her father, hugging him close. She sends him home, promising to lock up. Jace and Lynn prepare to release the serum into the pods together. One by one, it appears that Jace fabricated the data to make it look like all of the kids can survive. Instead, however, fourteen will. Lynn clocks her. Anissa heads to South Freeland when she gets pulled over by the police for “suspicion”. He tells her that wherever she was going is closed. He tells her to step out of the car, but she sees something that creeps her out. It sends Anissa leaving, not wanting to go out like a horror movie.

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