Cicada’s Backstory Is Revealed On “O Come, All Ye Faithful” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Hopefully our American viewers escaped the holidays unscathed, family gatherings and all. Last week, we saw Caitlin reunite with who she believed was her father. Instead, it turns out to be Icicle, dear old Dad’s own Killer Frost alter ego. With her friends lives on the line, Killer Frost emerged. It turns out DeVoe put a mental block around Killer Frost, rather than straight up remove her. Using Harry’s neural enhancer, Caitlin’s able to talk with her other half.

Meanwhile, Ralph and Cecile have an effective team-up in order to track down Cicada. Iris, Nora, and Sherloque were able to find the heart of the STAR Labs satellite with the piece that makes Cicada’s metablade missing. Speaking of Cicada, dude is hella injured but also seemed to be getting stronger? Yeah, I don’t get his powerset either.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Tracked: Barry goes to the hospital to see Grace Gibbons. Orlin is in the room with her and overhears Barry talking with the Doctor. The Doctor throws Barry off the scent with fake paperwork, who leaves. In a flashback, it’s revealed that Orlin’s sister and brother-in-law are Grace’s parents. They died in a meta-attack, leaving Orlin sole guardian of Grace. At the loft, Caitlin and Barry are working on their pie technique. Joe and Cecile are out of town. Nora and Iris are bonding even more. Nora even apologizes to Iris, thankful to know the real her. Iris also tells Nora about some of Barry’s close calls over the years. The Doctor tells Orlin that he needs to stay away for good. In the past, Orlin calls social services and makes it clear he doesn’t want Grace. He’s clearly ill-equipped to take care of her, only having old Chinese food to give her for breakfast. Sherloque reveals that he doesn’t have any family when asking Cisco and Caitlin about Thanksgiving. A massive surge at the power station send Barry and Nora running. A storm comes out of nowhere and there’s a experiment cold fusion core inside. Barry grabs it but is hit by the lightning. A hysterical Nora has to restart his heart. She gets it started, but oh man that was scary.

Stable: Nora is still feeling rough after having to bring Barry back to life. Iris tries to reason with her, but she clearly isn’t having it right now. The event that caused the storm looked like Weather Wizard, but Mark Mardon is still in prison. Barry goes to check on that. Caitlin and Cisco go to invite Sherloque to Thanksgiving, but points out how the year has sucked for them all. Orlin punches the fridge and dents it, upset over not being able to see Grace. In the flashback, Orlin and Grace have a fight over Grace’s behavior at school. Grace tells him that she hates him and he hates himself too. The new warden of Iron Heights shows the West-Allen family that Mardon is still behind bars. Iris goes to see footage of Mardon in his cell. Barry tells Nora to not be too angry with her. Nora is angry with them both, they decided on the plan. Then Mardon’s daughter, Jocelyn aka the Weather Witch, shows up. She tries to free him, but Barry and Nora run Mark to the Pipeline. Jocelyn tells him they have an hour or Central City will get destroyed.

Father: Mardon tells Barry that he left his daughter with her mom. He doesn’t know why his daughter would want to break him out of Iron Heights. In the past, Orlin shows Grace the new house. He tries to reach out to her by building a dollhouse with her in addition to their new house. Orlin apologizes for the rough start. He does want to do right by her, make sure she has what a kid should have. Grace takes the olive branch. At STAR Labs, Iris apologizes to Nora. Nora says she’s not angry at her. Cisco and Caitlin have been thoroughly turned against Thanskgiving. It turns out Joss is a storm chaser and has some major meta-tech. They decide to give Joss what she wants: Mardon. Sherloque figures out where Joss is going. Barry brings “Mardon” to Joss, who drops a truck on him. It turns out Mardon was a hologram. It pisses Joss off and she’s going to destroy the city. Nora saves Barry from another lightning strike. He wants to go follow Joss, but Nora reveals she’s angry with him. It’s like he doesn’t care if he lives or dies or that she does.

Held: Barry goes to talk with Nora, who admits she was angry about him not being there. Seeing him die today, it reminded her that she’s angry at him for losing him. Nora reveals she wants him to give up being the Flash. He’s not the only hero in the world. He keeps sacrificing himself and she doesn’t want to lose him again. Barry, however, won’t give up being the Flash. Orlin sits outside the hospital where Grace is. Orlin flashbacks to the night of the Enlightenment. He got her a set of dolls she wanted. As the brain drain takes effect, they all pass out. Orlin wakes up to chaos. He grabs Grace and runs, but a piece of debris hits them. His weapon ends up in chest and Grace is unconscious. At the hospital, he brings Grace in, begging the Doctor to save her. Barry and Iris watch as Joss makes her move. Iris assures Barry that he’ll find the words to make Nora understand why he can’t retire. They are able to rack Joss down.

Promise: Barry evacuates those trapped in the terminal at the airport. Caitlin goes to handle the flooding. Nora brings Mardon’s Weather Wand to Barry. Joss makes a lightning tornado. Barry can counteract it with the Mardon’s wand, but it will send the lightning through his body instead. It’ll make him into a human lightning rod. Nora looks at all the people in the hanger and gets it. She tells Barry it’s okay. Barry dissipates the lightning, angering Joss. She throws a red bolt at him. When the light clears, Barry walks through with Joss in cuffs and her wand in hand. Nora hugs him. Barry places Joss’s wand in the Pipeline. Caitlin, Cisco, and Sherloque go to get drunk together. Killer Frost, however, has had enough and points out that they can drink and have awesome food with Barry and Iris. Plus, she spent most of the year unconscious. If anyone has right to mope on Thanksgiving it’s her. Team Flash unites for food and drinks at the loft. Barry tells Nora that he does the things he does because he’s the Flash for his family. He would do everything to save the people he loves. At the hospital, Orlin arrives to spend the holiday with Grace. He doesn’t care if the police want him. In the flashback, the doctor tells Orlin that he needs to prepare for the possibility she will never wake. Orlin blames himself, but the Doctor blames the metas. He holds Grace’s hands, glares at the TV footage on the Enlightement, and summons his weapon. Cicada is born. He promises that he will make it right. Every meta will die. At STAR Labs, Cisco has pulled footage of Orlin visiting Grace. They know who he is.

Bec Heim