Caitlin Finds Her Long Lost Father In “The Icicle Cometh” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, it looks like that Iris and Nora finally buried the hatchet. Thank God because I was getting tired of Nora’s snippiness toward Iris. While Iris and Barry tracked down creepy new villain Rag Doll, Caitlin and the rest of Team Flash went looking for more clues about her father. Cisco overdid himself with his powers. Some of the metal from Cicada’s weapon is still in his hands, hurting him whenever he uses his powers.

Thankfully, Caitlin is there with the BFF pep talk and helped Cisco get his groove back. Now STAR Lab has all four of DeVoe’s satellites. They have figured out where Caitlin’s dad is.

Let’s see what he has to hide, shall we?

On Ice: A young woman leaves Jitterz with coffee in hand. Cicada, who is there, sees her leave and his weapon lights up. He follows her and kills her, though she goes down fighting and gets a good hit in. Team Flash has used the satellites to figure out forty-six locations where the debris landed and realized that Cicada’s weapon came from the core. Nora teams up with Iris and Sherloque. Ralph goes to pick up Joe to talk with FEMA. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin are left, who offer to take her to her father. Ralph drops by the West house to find Cecile, who proves how intimidating she is. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin suit up and head to the site her dad is at. The building looks exactly as creepy as anyone could picture. Caitlin is terrified that they’re going to find her dad’s body. Instead, they find her father: alive and thrilled to see her.

Frozen: Thomas Snow says that he had a video uplink to STAR Labs, which only came online recently. His ALS was severe and worked with cryogenics in order to fix it. It got bad and the site was closed down on the orders of Caitlin’s mother. Ralph and Cecile try to get the info from FEMA, but it doesn’t work well. Cecile fears she lost her mojo. Caitlin, Cisco, Barry, and Thomas arrive at STAR Labs. She offers to take her dad out on a walk. Cisco worries about the holes in Thomas’ story, but Barry says that they need to be happy for her. Nora, Iris, and Sherloque arrive at one of the sites. Iris and Nora have an awkward moment with each other. Sherloque realizes Nora came to bond with her mother. He changes his plan so Nora and Iris could spend time together. Thomas and Caitlin talk on the walk, where he swears to make things up to her. He then has some kind of an attack. When Caitlin looks at his arm, it’s solid ice.

Glacier: Thomas comes to with Caitlin telling him that he has a cryogenic malignancy. If it continues, but he could die. She has the genetic marker for ALS, which created Killer Frost. Cisco remains skeptical of Thomas, asking where his Killer Frost is. She thinks that she can create a serum but they need to lower Thomas’ body temperature to absolute zero. Barry thinks they can use a laser cooling array at the DOD site outside of town. Cicada returns to the hospital, where the doctor finds him. She tries to convince him to let her treat him, but stands aside. Cecile tries to figure out how she froze up. Apparently some criminals called her “Cecile Your Fate Horton”. She then realizes that she was feeling FEMA guy’s fear as she is an empath now. Sherloque is making tea, while Iris and Nora get progressively more annoyed with him. They realize that there was a carnival on the night of the Enlightenment. Nora needs to make a water vortex so they can search for the core. Cisco returns to the black site where he gets visions of Thomas doing something hinky. He opens the canister from his vision.

Shatter: Cisco returns back to STAR Labs with what was in the canister, skin grafts. He thinks that Thomas’ double used them to mimic his form. Caitlin gets upset and tells him to leave. Barry follows him, but Cisco says he needs to start thinking about Thomas like a CSI. Cecile and Ralph return back to the FEMA site, the assistant director has been committing so much insurance fraud. They get the files and leave. Back at the house, Cicada collapses in pain and tries to work on his wound. He then passes out. Barry goes to see Caitlin, but she doesn’t want to lose her dad. Barry reminds her that they’re her family too. She realizes that the serum would suppress the other side of his personality. The evil guy wearing Caitlin’s father knocks them out, grabs the serum, and leaves.

Melt: Caitlin comes to with Barry and Cisco over her. Cisco promises that they’ll get Thomas. They realize that he is going to inject himself at the DOD site, setting things to absolute zero. It’s too cold for Nora and Barry to run. Caitlin is the only one unaffected as everyone literally freezes. Cisco tells Caitlin that she can do it, but she tries to reach her father. It hits absolute zero. Before he can inject himself, Killer Frost emerges. Icicle tries to reach out to her, but Killer Frost refuses. They get Thomas back for a second before Icicle takes over. Killer Frost stps the cooldown. Barry and Nora recover enough to warm up Ralph and Cisco. Icicle has disappeared, but is still out there. Cisco realizes that he was vibing Icicle’s memories. Caitlin realizes her mom was trying to protect him. Cisco realized that DeVoe didn’t use Melting Point’s powers, but Brainstorms to make a mental block. They decide to use Harry’s dampener on Caitlin so she can talk to Killer Frost until she overcomes the block. Both Killer Frost and Caitlin are thrilled. Nora, Iris, and Sherloque have the heart of the satellite with the weapon. Cecile and Ralph bring a name to Team Flash: Grace Gibbons. The doctor visits Cicada and finds him passed out on the floor. She wants to patch up his chest, but the wound is making him stronger.

Bec Heim