American Horror Story – Apocalypse Recap: “Fire And Reign” Begins The Showdown From Hell

With only one more episode left of the season, American Horror Story: Apocalypse still has a lot of questions that need answering, which we did get some answers as we have reached the point right before the nuclear holocaust occurred.

With this week’s episode, we saw a lot of death and some pretty incredible magic and spells being used. Plus, we learned who was truly responsible for orchestrating the end of times or at least, who provided Michael with some much-needed guidance in actually embracing his true self and carrying out what he was meant to do.

Gather ’round and let us discuss “Fire And Reign.”

Surrounded By Idiots: The episode kicks off with Jeff harping on about the stupidity of the world, and admitting that he is finally ready for the Apocalypse to begin. He and Mutt start planning to construct outposts around America, places where survivors can congregate to live through the impending disaster. While they are working on that, Ms. Venable drops a bomb on them by quitting her job, though Mutt and Jeff offer her a new one before she can leave – the head of Outpost 3. Here, they tell her she will be able to make her own rules and not answer to anybody. This particular moment explains Venable’s reaction to Michael in the future (aha!).

Twisted Sister: Elsewhere, Dinah betrays the witches by breaking a protection spell that Cordelia has placed on the Coven, letting Langdon and Ms. Mead in. In return, Langdon asks his father to green-light 13 episodes of Dinah’s new talk show (which explains how they know each other in the future, aha #2!). Mead tragically murders most of the witches, including Zoe, Queenie, and Bubbles. Cordelia, Mallory, and Myrtle all manage to escape thankfully.

The Puppet Masters Pull Their Strings:  Even though most of the witches are gone, Langdon complains to Mead, unaware that Mutt and Jeff have programmed her in a way that means they can control everything that she says and does. Because of this, the two cokeheads manage to convince Langdon to meet with them to further his plans. Here, they tell Langdon that the Cooperative is a new name for the Illuminati and explain what they do, which is essentially Satan’s bidding since they all sold their souls to him to get where they are. They tell Langdon that the Illuminati will help him in his plan to end the world.

Journey To The Past: Back in Louisiana, Cordelia, along with Myrtle, Madison, Coco, and Mallory make it to the swamps of Louisiana, where she and the other girls take refuge in a shack belonging to Misty Day, who is on a trip with Stevie Nicks (of course). Cordelia tries and fails to resurrect Zoe and Queenie, leading Madison to reveal that Langdon has the capability to erase souls from existence by burning them. Myrtle reveals there might be a way to bring the girls back with time travel but it may result in death. She goes on to say that she believes Mallory to be capable of performing the spell. Myrtle decides they need a trial run of the spell and suggests trying to stop the Bolshevik Revolution. She reveals that the youngest daughter, Anastasia Romanov was a witch, but that her powers were not strong enough to save her from the bullets.

Desperate Times: With nothing else left to lose, Mallory agrees to travel back in time in the hopes of helping Anastasia, and even though she manages to travel through time, she can’t manage to save her.  Cordelia contemplates invoking the Sacred Taking, meaning she would have to die to let Mallory rise as Supreme and complete the spell. Myrtle shuts that down, which leads the witches to travel to California to seek aid from Behold and John Henry. Sadly though, both the men and their students have been murdered and their bodies assembled in the form of a pentagram; most likely done by Langdon and Mead, who are meeting with the Cooperative at the same time, informing them of his plan to end the world via Nuclear Annihilation. He reveals the plan for the Outposts, and encourages them to be loyal to his father, and help him in his plan.

The penultimate episode finally puts the last pieces of the puzzle together for us, which only makes us more anxious to see how it all ends. We finally have the knowledge of what lead up to the end of the world, which makes what will probably go down next week all the more exciting. This week’s MVPs were definitely Evan Peters and Billy Eichner, who nail their roles as Jeff and Mutt.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below!

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