4YE’s TV Reels Feels For November 18th Through November 24th

The holidays might have put a stop to most of our TV watching this week as some shows took a break. That being said, we still have some things to say about the ones that did air as we give love to some new shows and ponder about the mental state of some former faves.

Check out our picks for this week’s TV Reels Feels!

Top Performer

Bec: Aisha Hinds killed it on 9-1-1’s origin episode for her character, Hen. Watching as she figured out what she wanted to do with her life, working after her goal, and trusting her own gut, it was really inspiring. Plus Hinds is just freaking badass as the character in everything she does. It may be weird for an ensemble show to do an origin episode, but what excellent feast for Hinds it was.

Emmy: Rupert Evans as Harry Greenwood on the Charmed reboot is such a delight to watch week after week in general, but this week, he outdid himself as he was the perfect support partner for Macy and her issues. The banter between the two was fantastic, and Evans is absolute perfection when it comes to combining dry wit with charm. I want him to be my whitelighter.

Top Episode

Bec: Supergirl has been consistently nailing it this season. “A Call To Action” definitely signifies the shift into a darker territory with the coordinated attempted attack by the Children of Liberty on alien homes. But the episode did balance those dark moments with good light-hearted ones as well. Plus Supergirl fights a dragon and then talks it down. A dragon, it was awesome. I love it.

Emmy: “The Icicle Cometh” from The Flash is honestly some of the best work the series has done to date. Giving Caitlin Snow a chance to shine in a very Caitlin-centric episode was a great decision for the show as it has been struggling to figure how to write for her character in the past few seasons. It has been a real treat to see her have a storyline that didn’t revolve around having a love interest.

Top Moment

Bec: Killer Frost’s return! I was so happy to see her back. And I dig the grey hair. Plus declaring the team is her family? Oh my heart. I loved it.

Emmy: The sisters initiating Harry into their sisterhood on Charmed was everything. Harry’s absolute delight in being considered part of the family melted my heart.

Most Disappointing

Bec: Black Lightning, are you okay? I don’t know what is going on with the South Freeland and Looker and…everything. But I kind of hate it. The show had such tight writing in the first season and now it seems all over the place.

Emmy: I would jump on the Black Lightning bandwagon with Bec but Doctor Who actually let me down this week. It was such a meh episode this week that it almost came off as lazy writing in a way.


Bec: “That’s what I get for making a Harry Potter reference.” – Alex (Chyler Leigh) seeing a dragon on Supergirl


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