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This past week on television, we were loving The Good Place and thought that House of Cards did not live up to potential. 9-1-1 had us feeling a bit of chill and Doctor Who’s giant spiders terrified us.


Bec: Criminal Minds is one of those procedurals that draws consistently good performances from its talented cast. No one, however, shone quite as much as A.J. Cook this week. In “The Tall Man”, Cook was nothing short of phenomenal as she grapples with more knowledge of the events that led to her older sister’s tragic suicide. There’s nothing quite as horrifying than learning that your sister fell victim to a monster long before you started hunting them.

Stephanie: I’ve written before about how Jason on The Good Place annoys me at times because although he’s nice, he’s also really dumb. But in “The Ballad of Donkey Doug,” Manny Jacinto reminded me why I actually love Jason. Jacinto pulls such emotion from far beneath Jason’s dum-dum exterior. I really felt bad for Jason’s lot in life: a dad who was more like an enabling best friend than a parent, a best friend who might be even dumber than Jason, and an environment that provided few, if any, boundaries on moral behavior. To top it off, Jacinto made me tear up when Jason and Pillboi said tearfully say goodbye.

Clare: Though not necessarily the best American Horror Story: Apocalypse episode and while I have issues with the final season of House of Cards (see below), Cody Fern was brilliant in both. I am really enjoying the dimensions he is bringing to Michael Langdon in Apocalypse. The frustration, confusion and sense of loss he is feeling over his direction, what he needs to do is really interesting. With only two episodes to go, I’m very curious to see how this all plays out. His work as Duncan Shepherd in House of Cards was one of the brights spots in a pretty lacklustre final season. Definitely check out this guy. He is one to watch.


Bec: Fox’s 9-1-1 is more than action set pieces. It does some really great character work as well. In “Haunted”, the took the ever traditional Halloween episode and elevated it to the ghosts that follow the first responders lives. From Buck accepting that his relationship with Abby is over to Diaz seeing his estranged wife to Athena looking for the family of a man long-dead to Hen grappling with the fact she has to decided to pull the plug on the father that long-abandoned her, there was something so bitter-sweetly melancholic. Sometimes, ghost stories tend to be just that. It’s definitely a quieter episode of the series, but one that nonetheless gets a good point across.

Stephanie: The Good Place is really going in such a unique direction this season that I wasn’t expecting but I like it. “The Ballad of Donkey Doug” posed the difficult question of how to help your loved ones end up in The Good Place while simultaneously leaving them behind. Plus, the pretty clear confirmation that Eleanor is bisexual and her hilarious near kiss with Simone (ok it was in a fake simulation but STILL) was fantastic.

Clare: The season finale of A Discovery of Witches had everything fans of the series were wanting… more magic, more romance, more plots, more uprisings, and it is always so rewarding to see Peter Knox and Gerbert get knocked down a peg or ten. With seasons two and three only just being greenlit, it was interesting to see how they ended the first season, but they did finish on a cliffhanger of sorts (as it does in the books) and I can’t wait for more witches.


Bec: We need to make it mandatory that China Anne McClain and Nafessa Williams have, minimum, one scene together on Black Lightning. The two have an excellent dynamic that feels like they’re siblings. Honestly? Their scenes are quickly becoming highlights of the episodes. It serves as a reminder that Black Lightning works so much better when it’s the Pierce family together rather than its rapidly expanding plot thread count.

Stephanie: Jason and Pillboi’s elaborate friendship handshake on The Good Place was adorable, hilarious, and brought a tear to my eye. For all their faults, these two really do care about each other and it showed.

Clare: Unfortunately they are not there based on merit, but more what they can do for and how willingly they can bend to Claire Underwood’s decrees, however, there was just something awesome about seeing her all-female cabinet in House of Cards.


Bec: Four episodes in and I want to like Nora on The Flash. I do. I really do. But like, girl, I empathize with how you’re angry at your mom from suppressing your powers. Iris West, in the present, is not the same woman who probably chipped you. You can be angry at her, but the way you lash at her in the present is just getting a bit on my nerves. Plus, Barry, Iris, you really can’t figure out from context clues why older Iris would want to suppress Nora’s powers? Also this whole anger seems to be moot now because it looks like present day Iris is not going to do it. So the timeline may get changed anyway. And…oh God I gave myself a headache.

Stephanie: To be fair, my “disappointing” moment is more like a “WHY” moment. Giant spiders, Doctor Who? WHY? And then you made me feel kind of sorry for the massive, people-killing mama spider? And the horrible guy who coldly killed her faced zero consequences? I take it back; this IS disappointing.

Clare: When it first came out House of Cards was riveting TV. The intrigue, the political machinations, the characters… I was hooked and loved watching everything unfold. However, this series really should have ended about two seasons ago. It just started to get ridiculous as the murder toll continued to escalate and the Underwoods got away with more and more things (though who knows how true to life this is now, minus the murders I hope). I was looking forward to the final season especially with Claire (Robin Wright) in power but it was just more of the same and way too heavily focused on Frank and no one cares anymore.


Bec: “Constantine is—”
“Tired, hungover and in need of a stiff one! Dealer’s choice as to what that’s a euphemism for.” -Sara (Caity Lotz) and Constantine (Matt Ryan), Legends Of Tomorrow


Eleanor: “I don’t know, man. Maybe just tell her that you’re gay.”
Chidi: “I’m not gay.”
Eleanor: “Fine, bi.”
Chidi: “I’m not bi either.”
Eleanor: “Why not? More guys should be bi. It’s 2018. It’s like, get over yourselves.” The Good Place

Michael: “That’s actually really nice of you”
Madelyn: “What can I say? Nobody’s perfect” American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

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