4 Your Consideration: Will There Be Another Cleopatra Biopic After All?

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The classic story of Cleopatra is about an Egyptian queen who managed to seduce the likes of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. Throughout the years, audiences have known Cleopatra for her exceptional beauty and it is no surprise that she has managed to captivate Hollywood for such a long time. This Egyptian queen is arguably one of the most renowned characters in history and she has been the impetus for books, movies, series, and games which even include an IGT slot machine. 

A new movie based on the Queen of Egypt has been in the works since Stacy Schiff released his feminist biography on the life of Cleopatra seven years ago. It will aim to get rid of the misogynistic views surrounding Cleopatra’s life. It has been said that the biopic will be a dirty and bloody political thriller, as the producers of the film attempt to make it as different as possible to what the general public has come to expect from this type of movie. Denis Villeneuve who has a won praise for the intriguing movies such as Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 is set to be directing the movie. 

Over the years there have been many attempts made at creating interesting movies about Cleopatra such has in 1917 when Theda Bara played the role. In 1932, Cecil B. DeMille made a valiant effort to produce a film with Claudette Colbert playing the leading role. 

The most well-known version, however, was seen in 1963 when Fox put together the production of Cleopatra where the renowned Elizabeth Taylor starred alongside Richard Burton. The movie became the most expensive ever at the time, with the film costing a whopping USD $31.1 million. This movie has always been regarded as one of the most memorable and has been recognized by many movie buffs as a timeless classic.

Back in 2014, David Fincher who was also in talks to direct the film had expressed a desire in giving the role of Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie. However, this was not supported by everyone involved in the casting, so nothing has been confirmed as yet. The new biopic will be fashioned after David Scarpa’s interpretation of her life. As a result, instead of Cleopatra being played as a bewitching temptress who wears amazing clothing, she will instead be depicted in a different light which is more politically focused.  

Scarpa said that there would still be all the interesting bits of the movie such as the intimate sex scenes and intense swearing but still while showing the story of Cleopatra from a broader context. Scarpa’s desire to have the movie made in the format of a political thriller is probably one of the main reasons why Sony has secured the services of Denis Villeneuve to direct the movie. Villeneuve certainly has the ability to deliver exactly what Scarpa wants and also possesses the capability of creating an enthralling Cleopatra film. 

If and when there is Cleopatra movie, it is sure to be one that can’t be missed. The well-rounded view of the movie offers to give us a more realistic picture of the character. The film should provide the opportunity to appreciate Cleopatra not just as a person of exquisite beauty, but as a complete person who ruled her kingdom competently and tried her best to be politically astute. It will definitely take the story of Cleopatra into 21st century which could then become a modern classic that will surely be remembered.

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