Wynonna Earp Recap: Everyone At The Homestead Puts On Their “War Paint” In The Season Finale

Credit: Syfy

Previously, we found out that Charlie is Julian, Doc had an adverse reaction to angel blood, and Wynonna teamed up with the Revenants to end the curse.

It’s finale time and it was… a lot.

The episode starts at the Homestead with Wynonna giving a speech to the Revenants about breaking the curse. In a show of good faith, Wynonna buries a talisman to allow them onto the land.

At the staircase, Bulshar turns Peacemaker into a sword and puts it in one of the steps, causing a door to appear. He sends one of his beekeepers up to go through the door, but the beekeeper is unable to pass through and is decapitated. Bulshar tells his beekeepers that he wasn’t righteous or mortal, and neither is he, but he soon will be. He tells his beekeepers to go slaughter everyone and sends Bobo to retrieve Wynonna’s blood.

Back at the Homestead, Wynonna is sitting out on the porch when Waverly runs up. Wynonna tells her she’s too happy to see her to be mad at her, then tells her that she has an army of Revenants in the house. When Wynonna sees Charlie, she gets mad and starts to walk up to him but Waverly stops her and tells her about him being Julian. When Wynonna looks at him again, he sprouts wings.

Wynonna and Waverly go to the barn to talk and Waverly tells her everything that happened with Doc and Charlie, and it’s a lot, even for Wynonna. Wynonna tells her she has to find Doc if everything is going to end.

At the Gardner house, Kate and Nicole are just casually chatting about Doc and Waverly when Bulshar’s beekeepers bust in. They grab their guns and start shooting and take down most of the beekeepers before one comes up behind Nicole and slices her in the side. After all the beekeepers are dead, Mercedes comes home and warns Nicole that Bulshar sent his minions after everyone. Nicole asks Mercedes to keep an eye on Kate, because she can’t heal until night falls, and then leaves for the Homestead.

At HQ, Jeremy tells Robin he figured out how to synthesize something to get them passed the beekeepers, but unfortunately it would take four months to do. They’re interrupted by a group of beekeepers coming into the station, but they don’t attack, just circle Jeremy and Robin. Thankfully, a gun wielding Nedley comes in and shoots all the beekeepers.

At the Homestead, Wynonna and Julian talk about the angel thing and he tells her that the first time Bulshar entered the Triangle, he and Juan Carlo gave the flaming sword to a worthy champion, Wyatt Earp. Wynonna starts to ask him to do whatever it takes so Waverly won’t have to give up her life, but Julian sees Doc standing there with Nicole in his arms. Nicole collapsed on her way to the Homestead and they found her.

In the house, Waverly walks into her bedroom and finds Bobo sitting there just looking through one of her photo albums. He reveals that he’s “of Bulshar” and asks Waverly to do him a favor, set him free when the time comes.

Doc takes Nicole to the barn and Julian tells Wynonna he can save Nicole and Wynonna tells him to do it, because Nicole is the love of his daughters life. Julian tells her it’ll come at a cost and then heals Nicole and we see that it takes something out of him. He tells Wynonna he’s going to see Waverly and on his way out of the barn, Doc hands him the sword. Julian tells him he lost it a long time ago and that Doc wouldn’t have been able to hold it if his soul was truly compromised.

At HQ, Jeremy realizes that Robin’s blood is a key to synthesizing a serum to avoid the beekeepers, because they didn’t attack him.

Back in Waverly’s room at the Homestead, Julian tells Waverly Nicole is okay and he used everything he had to save her. He gives her his ring and tells her that she needs it more than him, and that Bulshar brought the fight to them.

We hear a horn and outside we see the Revenants, Wynonna, and Doc gathering because Bulshar and his beekeepers have arrived. Bulshar’s army throws some grenades at the Homestead and then a small group of beekeepers walks up in a shield formation, preventing anyone from shooting them.

One of the Revenants, Hiu gives Wynonna a chance to run into the house and get a gun and Doc makes a run for the barn because Nicole is still in there.

They all make solid work of the beekeepers, but Bobo makes it into the house and grabs Wynonna and takes her out to a chopping block. Bulshar picks up an axe and cuts Wynonna’s hand, because he needs her blood and then one of the beekeepers comes up behind her with a chainsaw. Julian runs out and saves Wynonna, but unfortunately is killed by Bobo. Doc stops Bobo from killing Wynonna and Waverly runs out and kills Bobo, thanks to her ring powers.

Out in the woods, Bulshar is burning things for a ritual, and Wynonna runs up with a group of Revenants and tells him it’s over because all she has to do is touch him. He tells her she’s right, that it is over and then the Revenants disappear. Wynonna runs at Bulshar and he disappears too, causing her to fall on the ground. We hear a noise and see Wynonna’s pupils constrict, a call back to the series premiere, when Wynonna became the heir and we see her pupils dilate. Waverly runs up to her and asks what happened and Wynonna tells her Bulshar broke the curse.

Back at the Homestead, Waverly tries to bring Julian back, but can’t.

Wynonna finds Doc in the barn and tells him that Bulshar broke the curse, so Alice is free. He starts to celebrate, but Wynonna tells him Bulshar tricked her. She thinks Bulshar needed to unlink them in order to get to the Garden. Doc tells Wynonna that he’ll fight by her side and she kisses him, then asks how she’s supposed to trust him. She handcuffs him to the ladder in the barn and surrounds him with a rope soaked in holy water to prevent him from getting out.

On the porch, Waverly and Nicole have a moment. Waverly tells Nicole she’s not losing anyone else she loves and that she loves her and puts Julian’s ring on Nicole’s finger. Nicole tells her she really hates that ring, and Waverly asks if it’s a yes. Wynonna pokes her head out and calls them inside for a team meeting.

In the house, Jeremy tells everyone about the crypsis that he synthesized that will keep them hidden from the beekeepers. Wynonna passes out shots of whiskey and admits she’s afraid of losing them. Jeremy tells them they’re all coming with her, then passes out. Robin realizes that she drugged them before also passing out and Wynonna tells her passed out friends that she couldn’t bear the looks on their faces if she fails.

In the woods, Waverly runs after Wynonna and yells at her about what she did and Wynonna tells her she didn’t drug her whiskey. Wynonna explains that the two of them need to take down Bulshar. Waverly asks if she’s her back-up and Wynonna tells her that she’s Waverly’s.

When Wynonna and Waverly get to the stairs, they see Bulshar standing there looking a little more scaley than before. Wynonna and Bulshar start fighting and he quickly disarms her. While they’re fighting, Waverly runs up the stairs and pulls Peacemaker out. She names Wynonna a hero and throws her Peacemaker, which lights up in her hand. Wynonna and Bulshar resume their fight and Waverly starts to descend the stairs, but gets stopped by a force field.

Bulshar tells Wynonna they can enter the Garden together, but Wynonna tells him no and stabs him. He turns into a snake and bites her before dying. Wynonna falls to the ground, but thankfully, Doc runs up just in time and sucks the poison out.

The door to the Garden opens and vines start to come out and they grab Waverly. The vines start to slowly pull Waverly back into the Garden and Waverly can’t free herself. Wynonna gets up and runs to the staircase, but the forcefield stops her from running up them. Waverly is pulled through the door.

Doc stands up and starts to walk to the stairs, ignoring Wynonna telling him he can’t because he’s not mortal. Doc walks through the forcefield and tells Wynonna she’s the only one who can wield the flaming sword and that he’ll be Waverly’s weapon before walking through the door.

When Wynonna gets home, Nicole, Jeremy, and Robin are all missing and she sees the name “Valdez” scratched into her staircase.

Wynonna goes to Shorty’s and sees Nedley behind the bar. She tells them there was nobody at the house and he confirms that Chrissy and everyone else who was still in town is gone. She tells him that something tried to come through the Garden and it was coming for the townspeople. Nedley tells her to just tell him what to do and she says “Let’s get them back.”

Well, that’s it, folks! Thank you so much for reading my recaps this season and make sure you listen to Make Your Peace when it drops later this week, it’ll be a good one.