Wynonna Earp Recap: “Daddy Lessons” Offers Up An Unusual Alliance And Some Heartbreak

Credit: Syfy

Last Week, Doc killed Charlie, the gang found out Bobo is the snake from the Garden of Eden, and Waverly found out that in order to stop Bulshar, she has to sacrifice her life.

Angels in Purgatory

The episode starts with Waverly and Nicole looking over Charlie’s body, debating on what to tell Wynonna. Nicole gets called away, leaving Waverly alone with Charlie. She walks over and touches his neck with her ring hand and he wakes up.

Downtown, Nicole and Robin are wrapping up the evacuation of the townspeople when Wynonna drives up asking where Waverly is, because she wasn’t at the Sheriff station. Nicole asks what’s going on and Wynonna doesn’t answer, just asks her if Waverly told her about Kevin and then takes off.

Wynonna finds Waverly out in the woods at the staircase that Wynonna can’t see, and they argue about Waverly sacrificing herself. Wynonna ends up punching Waverly out to get her away from the stairs.

Wynonna asks Nicole for her help to get Waverly out of the Triangle, but Nicole tells her she can’t; she has the town to take care of and Waverly would be able to convince her to come back. Charlie comes walking up, sans shoes, and looking a little confused, and they decide to ask him to take Waverly.

Doc’s Hunger

At Shorty’s, a couple walks in looking for their dog that ran off, but the only animal they find is Doc.

Doc summons Kate to the Shorty’s basement, telling her it’s an emergency but just talks about losing her and showing off his new tricks. Aka, Doc learned to glamour. Doc convinces Kate to stay for a bite, and the poor couple who just wanted to find their dog and steal some booze gets eaten.

After feeding, Kate falls asleep and Doc wakes her up and starts talking about his power and then tells her he “needs to taste it again.” Kate can’t believe that he’s still hungry but tells him she’ll go with him to find whoever he’s looking for.

Doc and Kate go to the fire station and threaten the Chief to find out where Charlie is. Once he tells Doc how to find him, Doc shoots him and the Chief shoots Kate. Doc tells Kate he needs the blood really bad and just leaves her bleeding on the station floor.

Nicole radios the fire chief to have him check on an alarm downtown, and Kate makes her way over to his body and radios Nicole for help.

The Greenhouse

Charlie takes Waverly to the Gibson Greenhouse, but tells her he doesn’t remember turning, just knew it wasn’t safe to keep going. Something about the angel statue catches Charlie’s attention, but he doesn’t explain what to Waverly. They decide to hang out at the Greenhouse until the mysterious fog that rolled in clears up.

Charlie ties Waverly to a bench, to make sure she doesn’t go running off to the staircase and asks her about Nicole. Waverly starts fawning over Nicole and then asks Charlie where he’s from and what his family’s like, but he doesn’t know. He tells her he doesn’t remember anything before walking into Purgatory. Waverly takes his hand to comfort him, and they both see a memory of Charlie asking for a job at the fire station.

Charlie starts freaking out about how weird Purgatory is, and then at some of the flowers that have started randomly blossoming. He tells Waverly that they have to leave because he knows the greenhouse and her ring, but doesn’t elaborate. They hear a car pull up, and Charlie tells Waverly they have to hide and unties her.

Waverly and Charlie hide under a table and Waverly asks him about the greenhouse, but he doesn’t want to answer her questions. Waverly grabs his hand again, and we see another memory, one of him and Michelle. Charlie is Julian.

Doc bursts into the greenhouse looking for Charlie, and Waverly comes out from under the bench to distract him. She tries telling him that she stole Charlie’s truck and that Charlie isn’t there, but Doc doesn’t believe her. Doc gets close to her to smell her and tells her that she smells like Charlie. Waverly tells him that Charlie is Julian, and Doc laughs about the ridiculousness of it all and who can blame him.

Waverly tries appealing to any humanity Doc has left, but realizes the angel blood did something to him, and she is unable to reach him. Doc attacks her and ends up tossing her on the ground next to where Julian is hiding. Julian takes his ring off Waverly’s hand and reveals himself to Doc. Doc tries to attack him, but Julian pushes him back and Doc falls on and breaks the angel statue.

Julian sprouts wings and tells Waverly they have to go. Waverly walks over to Doc and tells him she’s sorry and that they did love the man he was, and cries on him and kisses his cheek.

When Doc wakes up, he finds a sword in the ruins of the statue.

Rev Party

A group of Revenants (Rolf, Jarvis, and Hui) walk into the Sheriff station and find Bobo in his terrarium. He begs them to let him out, but they refuse, even after he offers up a valuable piece of information, Wynonna is without her gun.

The group finds Wynonna loading up her car after some looting and confirm that she doesn’t have Peacemaker. They take away her weapon and tell her she’s their fealty to Bulshar.

The Revenants take Wynonna to Bulshar’s old hideout at the abattoir and tie her up. Wynonna tries appealing to Jarvis’ humanity to convince him to side against Bulshar, and it looks like it works a little, before Rolf walks up with a dress he wants Wynonna to put on.

The Revenants are having a dinner party with Bulshar (and Mercedes???) and they bring Wynonna out as their fealty. Wynonna has to make drinks for the Revs, giving her and Mercedes a chance to talk and Mercedes explains that she’s just trying to survive by joining Bulshar.

Bulshar tells the Revenants that he approves of their fealty and offers something in return, a chance for one of them to be his First Lieutenant. Rolf offers himself up but then Wynonna steps up and tells Bulshar to pick her. Wynonna tells him she only wants to keep her family safe and tells Bulshar she’ll do anything for him to keep them safe. She even goes as far as getting on the ground and begging. When she holds out her hand to make a deal, Bulshar freaks out and has the Revenants lock her up.

In her cage, Wynonna tells Mercedes that was the first time she saw Bulshar scared, and she thinks she can’t touch Bulshar without hurting him. Jarvis walks up, and they tell him that Wynonna can kill Bulshar, and it’s enough to win him over, and he lets Wynonna out.

Rolf attacks Wynonna, ignoring her proposition to team up, but Hui attacks Rolf and knocks him out. Bulshar tells Mercedes to take Wynonna back to her cell, and Mercedes refuses. He threatens Wynonna and her family and then leaves. Wynonna jumps up on the table and delivers a rousing speech to the Revenants and tells them they need to break the curse together.

At the end of the episode, we see Wynonna, Mercedes, and the Revenants walking down the street, ready to take down Bulshar. Or working on their album cover.

Other Notable Plot Points

  • Bulshar offers Bobo a deal, that he accepts

  • Kate’s tarot cards show a shift, that there’s hope for them.