Time To Meet “Nora” In The Flash Season 5 Premiere

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

DeVoe is gone. DeVoe is gone. DeVoe is gone. Hopefully, going into the show’s fifth season, we’re going to get a better villain in the form of Cicada. Let us live in hope anyway.

At the end of season four, Ralph had come back to life and little baby Jenna West was born to Cecile and Joe. Caitlin learned that Killer Frost has been with her longer than she could ever think. We also met Nora: the future daughter of Barry and Iris. In the grand tradition of her family, she messed up time.


Let’s see where the show goes from there, shall we?

XS: Nora West-Allen gives her own version of the monologue. She’s become the speedster hero from Central City. Everyone, meanwhile, is trying to process this revelation. It’s awkward, but amazingly so. Apparently, Iris gave her the name XS because Nora does everything in excess. Ralph freaks out over time travel as he doesn’t pay attention to the briefing. It also looks like Cecile is still a telepath. Barry and Iris, at STAR Labs, talk over Nora and how not to screw up the timeline. Cisco is also day drunk and missing Gypsy. Barry has Wally take a biological sample to Legends, maybe they can take her home. He heads over to meet Singh, who reinstates him as the CSI tech. He also has a backlog of work. Nora shows up to help Barry with his work as she’s a forensic tech. They even have a cute bonding over childhood treats. Barry goes to handle a meta attack and asks Nora to stay. Barry saves the guards, but Nora shows up and distracts him from Gridlock. So he gets away and uses his electric powers on Barry to send him into the lake.

Stuck: At STAR Labs, Nora freaks out over changing the timeline again. She also reveals the existence of the Flash Museum. Gridlock was supposed be a one and done villain. Barry sets about reassuring her that she didn’t mess up too bad. They can handle it. Ralph, meanwhile, has realized that the multiverse exists. Barry goes to handle Gridlock and the team tries to figure out how to send Nora back home. Nora and Iris go for coffee where Nora reveals their awkward relationship. In not so many words. At STAR Labs, it’s apparent that Nora is a major fangirl of her dad. The team says their goodbyes to her as she and Barry plan to get her enough siphoned energy to get her back home. Wally returns after they start and informs Team Flash that they need to stop them from opening a Speed Force portal. It looks like that the Speed Force knocks them back when they try to open it.

Nega: Wally tells the Team that the Legends found nega tachyon’s in Nora’s blood. It’s stopping her from entering the Speed Force. Without the STAR Labs satellite, they’re going to be one step behind the criminals. Caitlin tells Ralph about Killer Frost and her dead father. Gridlock’s dark matter levels increase with every time he gets hit. He will get stronger with whatever kinetic energy he’s hit with. Iris and Barry discuss Nora. Barry could have a strong connection with Nora, but Barry is terrified. Iris brings up all of Barry’s time travel exploits, who admits that he’s tired of feeling like his life is out of order. Barry just wanted a kid the normal way. Iris assures him that they’re gaining something extra, not losing a thing. Iris promises that they will have all of those firsts. That they have a kid who defied the laws of physics to hang out with them. Barry figures out something before quietly leaving to talk with Nora. He asks her what happens to him. She shows him the Red Skies article and that he’s been missing for 25 years. He never comes back.

Crash: Nora tells Barry that she was born a couple years before the Red Skies event. She just doesn’t remember him though. Barry realizes that Nora faked the negative tachyons. Nora admits she just wanted to spend time with her dad, who wanted those firsts with her Dad. Barry is devastated for not being there. In the cortex, they try to figure out where Gridlock is who is on a plane that just took off. He plans on crashing the plane. He wants what a businessman has in his briefcase. The plane is in free fall after losing an engine. Barry thinks that the three of them could do it. The realize that when Gridlock takes out the other engine, he will have ten powerless seconds. Nora gives the Flash suit ring, created by Ryan Choi! Gridlock takes out the other engine. The three speedsters go for it with Cisco vibe-ing them on the plane. They get the anti-meta cuffs on Gridlock with Barry, Wally, and Nora taking a spot. They begin to phase with Barry repeating the Wells from season one speech on phasing to Nora to get her going. The three of them are able to successfully phase the plane through several buildings and to a relatively safe water landing.

Unstuck: The tachyon device is “fixed” so Nora can go back home. Barry, however, does his daughter a solid and makes a reason for her to stay. Wally agrees with it, sharing the Legends theories about soft and fixed events. Nora plans to stay in the Lounge in STAR Labs, which apparently is Joe’s quiet spot from the occasional foolishness. Joe encourages Wally to go with the Legends again or find his own path in the world. Iris and Barry have a moment, but it’s clear that Barry is keeping his future fate to himself. Ralph finds out that Caitlin father’s death certificate was asked. Barry and Nora go to Happy Harbor to get desert. Nora reveals her plan to stop Barry from disappearing.

Cicada: On the way to Iron Heights, Cicada appears. He kills the guards after the stopping the truck with his lightning bolt. He then comes for Gridlock. He declares that he wants all of them to die.

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