Time Is Up: Orange Is The New Black To End In 2019 With Season 7

Credit: Netflix

We have done the time and now the end of our sentence is near. After six years incarcerated in the Litchfield federal penitentiary news came down yesterday (October 17) that we were being released next year.

That’s right, Netflix’s hit prison drama Orange Is The New Black is ending. The series will conclude with season 7, set to air in 2019.

In a statement, series creator Jenji Cohan said, “After seven seasons, it’s time to be released from prison. I will miss all the badass ladies of Litchfield and the incredible crew we’ve worked with. My heart is orange but… fade to black.”

The sentiment was shared by a number of the key series regulars, who appeared together in a video released on the OITNB and Netflix socials. Tagged with the caption, “Warning: This may make you cry. The Final Season, 2019. #OITNB”, the cast share the news as well as what they have loved about being involved in the series. And yes, a number reflect on their awesome fans.

OITNB, one of the first scripted shows to emerge from the streaming service back in 2013 was certainly groundbreaking. Featuring a predominantly female cast, there were very few issues that the series ever shied away from. However, it seemed to lose focus over the past few seasons, aiming more for shock value than the personal relationships between the key players. While they did go back to this in season 6, a lot of the storylines and themes were recycled from earlier seasons. Having a central character each episode where we got to explore their backstories and how they ended up in prison is what made the first few seasons. However, with the large introduction of a number of new characters in the latter seasons, the series suffered the LOST problem – too much time spent on new characters when the audience just wants to be back with our friends who we have already invested so much time with. However, whatever its shortcomings, it was still riveting, watercooler TV.

The end of season six saw Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Sophia (Laverne Cox) getting early release from Litchfield. Taystee (Danielle Brooks) was found guilty of Piscatella’s murder and sentenced to life. Blanca (Laura Gomez) who also thought she was getting early release) was handed over to ICE agents for which PolyCon is running a detention facility. While the other inmates are finally playing nice and engaging in an actual friendly game of kickball, though still incarcerated in the maximum security prison.

What will unfold in season 7 is anyone’s guess. Given the series is actually based on the book written by Piper Kerman following her time in prison, having our Piper also record her time doing time does not seem too far-fetched.

The seventh and final season of Orange Is The New Black will be released on Netflix in 2019.

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