Things Come To A Head With Jefferson And Anissa In “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak” On Black Lightning

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning’s back!

Dear God, so much stuff happened last week. Anissa tried to save a free clinic that was closing down. She donned her Robin Hood persona again and possibly robbed people she shouldn’t have with Gambi’s help. Jefferson met his replacement as principal of Garfield High, who is the whitest man you will ever see. He also had an awkward talk with Henderson.

Lynn had to hire a woman who killed a person and lost ten others their feet to help with the pods. Jennifer met her new therapist in a not great way. She also tried to identify her feelings about her powers, which showed her screaming as she becomes consumed by them. Khalil went deeper into his Painkiller persona that not ever Black Lightning could reach him.

Tobias let himself get arrested as part of his mystery plan.

So let’s see where things are going this week, shall we?

Consequence: Jenn comes down dressed for a dancer. Her parents, her sister, and Issa are all there to see her. Khalil arrives at the door. He hits her entire family and her date with his darts. She then begins to fight him, knocking her back with her powers. She blasts him out of the window. Jenn, talking with Perenna, says she can’t stop it. Perenna says that she can. Jenn needs to own it and put it in the box. She’s assaulted by memories and destroys the box. Jenn returns back to herself, telling Perenna she tried. She assures Jenna that she knows before asking about Khalil. Henderson resumes his interrogation of Tobias Whale. Henderson says that Tobias had to have forgot something. He knows that Tobias orchestrated this whole thing in order to rehabilitee his image. The evidence and witness have been taken care of. Gambi tells Jefferson about what Anissa, who is upset that he didn’t tell her. Gambi, however, points out that he needs Anissa’s trust right now. Jefferson and Anissa have it out over what she did as Robin Hood. He breaks out the “his roof, his rules” tactic. Anissa says that she’s leaving the house though to follow her own rules.

House: Jenn comes to Anissa’s room in tears over her departure. She says that Jefferson can’t control her because she’s a grown adult here. Jenn says she needs her sister right now, feeling so alone in discovering her powers. Anissa promises that she is always here for her when she sees a text message pop up from Khalil. Jenn promises that she never texted him back. Anissa tells her that Khalil is not the answer to her problems. She assures Jenn that she will always be here for her. Lynn and Jefferson talk about the path Anissa is on. Jefferson, apparently, was much like his daughter when he started out. Lynn asks about how close to edge did her get, kissing his scars. Jefferson apologizes about what she’s going through. Henderson gives Jefferson a call, who meets him at the station. He tells him that the evidence on Tobias is all gone. He offers to go on the stand, telling him that he saw everything. Henderson is upset about the fact that Jefferson kept something else from him. When Jefferson tries to talk with him, Henderson tells him that Jefferson didn’t understand what position he put him in.

Need: Good news is that Kara is not dead, just very injured. Gambi has her on a table below his lab as he checks her wound. She begs for his help, but she has sepsis. She’s near death at this point. Kara thinks that Gambi is trying to play her, but she won’t tell him a thing. He hopes she would reconsider before he gives her something for the pain. Jefferson sits at his desk in the school, hearing a ruckus outside and seeing fighting in the halls. He breaks up the fight, sending away the spectators, and has the students squash the beef. Lowry appears with a security guard. He expels one of the kids and suspends the other for a week. The school now has a zero-tolerance policy on violence. Lowry and Pierce have it out over his methods. (Who else already hates this guy?) Anissa returns back to Gambi’s shop, unsuccessful in finding a place to stay. He tells her that he will have to let Lynn and Jefferson know where she is. Doctor Jace is experimenting on the pod children, trying to figure out their powers. She wants more data, but Lynn wants to treat this people like people. Jenn watches television and ignores Jefferson’s attempts at conversation. She lets him know that she’s upset about Anissa leaving before leaving himself. Tobias meets with his “lawyer”, who is a representative of the mob that Anissa stole. Mob boss asks for permission to go after Anissa, which Tobias grants. Tobias, however, wants facial recognition outside the clinic so he can learn who Black Lightning is and kill him.

Alone: Khalil reaches out to Jenn again, who almost answers him. Instead, her powers short out her laptop and sets it on fire. Lynn thinks about the boy that she lost today. Jefferson tries offer comfort. They talk about Jenn and they don’t want her at Garfield still. Lynn tells Jefferson that if he wants to take back his school, then he needs to do so. Anissa returns home to talk with Jefferson. She tells Jefferson that Gambi thinks that the free clinic is in trouble. He agrees to help, though he wishes he wasn’t right. Henderson has been informed of the threat, but cannot do anything about it except beef up security. Gambi runs through that the guy in charge of the mob transferred $50k to a mysterious shell company. He thinks that, based on the building, a bomb would be the most likely device.

Autopsy: Doctor Jace begins to perform the autopsy on the latest victim. Lynn tries to distract her by talking about unstable DNA. Jace has found the stable DNA of Jefferson and the daughters. Jace salivates over the thought of having the Pierce family as her little lab subjects, much to Lynn’s discomfort. Jefferson and Anissa watch the free clinic. The pair of them talk a little bit about their differing hero philosophies. Jefferson offers Anissa his childhood home. They see a woman exit the clinic who was pregnant only moments ago. Jefferson and Anissa head inside while Gambi tries to handle the woman, who is an assassin. Anissa and Jefferson go to clear out the clinic. Jefferson finds the bomb in the men’s room. Anissa finds another in a waiting area. The assassin steals a motorcycle from a motorist and escapes Gambi.

Fry: Jefferson gets interviewed by the ADA in charge of the case. She points out the holes in Jefferson’s story and how a good defense attorney would blow holes in his story. The truth doesn’t help in this situation. They need proof instead. Tobias is going to be free to walk the streets. Gambi promises him that they will find something to use against Tobias. Jefferson and Lynn tell Jenn that it’s not safe for her to return to school. They’re going to homeschool her instead. Jenn doesn’t take the news well, walking away from them. Gambi goes to check on Kara, who tries to fight her way out. It doesn’t work. She realizes she really is dying. Kara swears she didn’t know what Proctor was doing. Kara asks to be cremated. She confirms Tobias has the case and gives Gambi her phone before dying. Tobias, meanwhile, is free and promises to become a pillar of this community. Jenn leaves the house to meet Khalil where they sit together. Tobias declares to a club that he’s back.

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