The Replacement Principal Takes Over In “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry” On Black Lightning

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning’s back!

Last week, Jefferson had to officially step down to the parents and student of Garfield High as principal. He also had to support the Board’s replacement: a white guy. He promises the students that he will still be there for them. They showed their own support. A visit from Green Light Baby Issa Williams brings some secrets to light in the house. Whenever he makes eye contact, people tell the truth. Things got real with the Pierces at dinner. Jefferson and Anissa looked for an escaped Green Light Baby from 30 years ago who can control wind. Jefferson gets her without Anissa, disliking her cocky attitude. Anissa, meanwhile, hooks up with singer Zoe B. (Not Cheona, like IMDB told me, what the hell, IMDB?) and gets frosty reception from Grace Choi when running into her.

Tobias, meanwhile, is going around killing loose ends. He plans on getting into the weapons business. Except his weapons? They’re metahumans.

Let’s see where things stand this week, shall we?

Escape: A woman with glowing eyes on Green Light escapes the hospital, displaying super strength. She prepares to toss the dumpster at the police. They try talking her down before Black Lightning blasts it off to the side. He asks what she needs to do to get home. He knocks her out with a light shock and brings her into the hospital. Gambi shows Jefferson the footage from before the Garfield attack, which cut out before the attack. Finding Tobias is still on them for the moment. Jefferson decides Khalil is the best bet. Gambi also needs a dart in order to make an antidote. Tobias also puts Khalil through his “training” by burning pieces of paper in his hand and have him run through the protection racket pick-up schedule. Freeland’s free clinic is closing, which has Anissa up in arms. She finds out about Anissa dating the singer, Zoe B. She tells Anissa that she needs to find a more meaningful relationship. Jennifer also asks about what their parents are planning to do about her powers. She even shows off some control she’s attempting. At the ASA, Lynn and Agent Odell argue about a new hire he wants to bring on, Doctor Helga Jace. Lynn doesn’t trust her, but he doesn’t care. He even sends her to talk her into hiring. Jefferson sees the new changes Principal Lowry is implementing. Lowry is kind of a major jerk to Jefferson. Jennifer is going for a walk when she walks past a woman, Perenna, her new therapist. She can apparently take them to an alternate safe space. Jennifer doesn’t take things well and is upset when her parents come back home. Jefferson apologizes to Jennifer that she’s saddled with these powers because of him. He hugs her close and apologizes. This wasn’t the life he wanted for her.

Burned: The Detective’s body that Tobias killed last week has been found. It’s been lit up in a big way. Henderson arrives on scene and does a bit of teaching job for a new officer as well. The Doctor that Agent Odell wants to hire is brought in for her interview. Well then she’s a criminal we can see why Lynn is nervous. Jace was locked up for human experimentation. Lynn offers to facilitate a visit with Jace and her son. Anissa, in her Robin Hood guise, goes to see the Reverend about the clinic. He says that they need $300k to get the building. He prays for her, asking God to let his goodness fall into the dark places. Khalil brings Tobias the protection money, one of them was late. Tobias wants Khalil to nip it in the bud.

Era: Jefferson cleans out his principal office at Garfield High so Lowery can take over. He takes one last look at it before turning off the light and leaving. Anissa heads to the bar to see Grace, who she apologizes to for ghosting. She flirts a bit with Grace, who mixes her a drink. Anissa wants to try this thing with Grace. Henderson comes to visit Jefferson: Deputy Chief to Black Lightning. Three people could do the job: two are in jail, one would talk to Black Lightning. They talk about Jefferson’s demotion. Henderson is sorry to hear that. Jefferson says that they need to talk this thing out at some point. Khalil goes looking for the guy who almost skipped payment. When one of them calls him Tobias’ “bitch”, he sees the guy running. He lets loose a dart sending the guy over the rail, killing him. It certainly sends a message.

Talk: Jennifer goes to see Perenna, who takes her to “safe space” for Jennifer. It’s a salon. Perenna has a pretty amazing speech about how the beauty salon influenced black culture. Jennifer would prefer the real world. In here, Jennifer can manipulate reality with Perenna as a therapeutic tool. She returns home tells Jefferson things went good. Jace has started working on the pods and tests her monitoring implant. Anissa, with Gambi’s help, figures out the guy who wants to buy the clinic is a money launderer. He promises to not tell Jefferson about her extracurriculars. Though if she does something stupid, he will tell her. Jefferson, as Black Lightning, tracks down the professional firebug. He begins his interrogation, asking who hired him. He informs Jefferson that Khalil hired him to do the job. Jefferson brings the information to Henderson, who informs him about the death of the 100 member complete with that telltale dart. Jefferson asks Henderson why Tobias would step into the spotlight now. Henderson, however, shrugs it off.

Found: Jefferson as Black Lightning goes to see Khalil’s mom. She says there is no way out for Khalil. He asks about a burner phone that Khalil may have given her. If she wants him to live, then she needs to call him and tell him to meet with Black Lightning. Khalil watches Tobias get ready when he gets the text from his mom. Khalil tries to threaten Jefferson into stay away, but he wants to know where Tobias is. Good news? Jefferson got the sample for Gambi, even if he didn’t convince Khalil to help him. Tobias kisses the coffin of his sister when he’s surrounded by Freeland PD. Someone apparently dropped a dime on him, which means he planned this more than likely. Anissa and Gambi go to get the money from the transaction. These aren’t your average street dealers. Gambi tries to warn Anissa this is a bad idea, but she wants to do this. She grabs the money and runs out with Gambi before bringing it to the Reverend. At his apartment, Gambi finds the place broken into and Kara dead. Perenna and Jennifer need to begin the next part of her therapy, which is naming her feelings. The vision Jennifer sees is her powers consuming her entire being. Henderson comes to Jefferson with the news of Tobias’ arrest to his shock.

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