The Flash Stars Tease First Encounter With Cicada

Credit: The CW

The Flash may have return and season five Big Bad Cicada (Chris Klein) is already pants wettingly terrifying.

Of course, that’s just after one episode. We have 20+ more to go, so things can change. Either way, he had a strong start in tag for “Nora”.

So what do the series stars think about the new meta-killing baddie? Talking with Danielle Panabaker and Danielle Nicolet at the CW Fall launch event, Entertainment Weekly got some deets on the new baddie. (They’ll be meeting him on tomorrow’s episode, “Blocked”.)

Cicada, apparently, has the ability to dampen other metas powers. That’s definitely not good for the majority of Team Flash.

According to Panabaker, the upcoming episode will get dark.

“It’s actually a really dark episode. Some scary stuff happens to some members of Team Flash, so it’s a tough one for sure. I think this villain is pretty scary, so it’s nice to see.”

Yikes, that doesn’t sound good.

Nicolet, also agreed with Panabaker’s assessment, adding, “I think it’s the first time the show has ever had a big bad that affects everyone’s powers. There’s always been a big bad who wants our powers, but this guy affects our powers and it’s different. The team has to figure out a whole different way to approach this bad guy and they have to work together.”

Cicada will remain a bit of a wild card for awhile, according to Panabaker.

“We’re trying to figure out his motivation, and he is pretty vicious. That’s what I think is the most scary: How far he is willing to go.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim