Supergirl Explores What It Means To Be An “American Alien” In Its Season 4 Premiere

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Let’s be really real for a moment, okay? Last season was a hot mess. At the end, we were just waiting for Reign to go away and go away she did through some bizarre means. Kara time-travelled and didn’t mess up the timeline, maybe time travel works differently on Earth-38.

Quick refresher for the season three finale: Sam and Ruby are presumably gone forever now that Sam’s no longer genetically possessed. Kryptonian witches and Alura are back on Argo, who knows if that will come up again. Lena kept some of that weird Harun-El stuff (which I finally learned how to spell) even though that was probably a really bad idea. James came out of the vigilante closet, also (as Oliver Queen can attest) a bad idea. Brainiac-5 has to stay in the past because the OG Brainiac is killing A.I.’s in the future. Winn’s going to the future, presumably will return again someday, and Mon-El is gone, never to return. J’onn retired as Head of the DEO after his father’s death, leaving Alex in charge. Kara has found her zen as being both of Earth and of Krypton.

Yet, as the eternal optimists that we all are here, we hope that this season will be better than the last. We have new heroes, new villains, and Kara’s magical mystery clone. Alex has a new haircut that made the female half of the audience at least 50% gayer than they were yesterday.

Let’s do this, shall we?

On Top: Kara is on top of the world, right now. She’s all over the world, helping others and handling problems. She does all of that and is able to ask President Marsdin about the Alien Amnesty Act. She happily declares that she has everything under control. Alex, meanwhile, is teaching a new class of DEO recruits by kicking all of their asses. Brainy tells her that the President is here for her yearly visit. Superman is off-world to visit Argo and President Marsdin is pleased with her work as the director. James has Kara talking with the cub reporters about their job. The DA is talking about indicting James for his vigilantism. Lena reports that Sam and Ruby are settled into Metropolis. James and Lena talk strategy in dealing with the DA, but James wants to handle it himself. J’onn is running a group for recently arrived aliens on Earth. One of them, Doctor Voss, is attacked at his job after and his arm tusk is cut off, courtesy of the Graves siblings. They use some new tech in order to knock Kara out and disable her.

Comprehension: Brainy and Alex are having issues getting things working. Brainy heads off and disables the cuffs. The Graves siblings are able to get away. J’onn comes to check on his friend. He thinks it may be a hate crime, but Kara thinks it was just a high-level robbery. J’onn’s been hearing about a wave of anti-alien sentiment. Alex thinks that Brainy is having an issue comprehending what Alex wants. At Catco, Kara gets to meet Nia Nal, who Cat Grant recommended to Catco. Kara realizes that Nia is her from several seasons ago. She assures her that things are fine. Lena gets an update that it looks like James may be indicted. The Graves siblings talk with Agent Liberty about the EMP. (Who can’t move for some reason?)

Privilege: Nia and Kara talk about the article that she picked: a feature on the fashion district. Kara listens to Nia talk about why she chose it, telling her to pitch it exactly like that to James. Brainy calls Kara giving her a name: Otis and Mercy Graves. He tells her that Lillian Luthor previously hired them. Running into Lena, which is awkward, and he asks Lillian about the Graves siblings. Lillian says that she had a change of heart after almost dying during the terraforming. J’onn goes to the group, running into Fiona. She’s planning on starting a neighborhood patrol, asking J’onn to join them. The bar is then attacked by anti-alien haters. Kara and J’onn have a bit of argument about the anti-alien sentiment and the backlash. He points out that Kara has a different level of privilege over other aliens. Kara gets upset hearing that and leaves to investigate. Alex and Kara talk about their own troubles: Alex with Brainy and Kara’s fight with J’onn. Kara admits that she feels far from J’onn and the new point of view. She feels like the world is good and wants to feel that way for a little longer. Lena and Lillian continue to play chess together. Lena wants to rebuild their relationship together. Lillian proceeds to educate Lena about where the bodies are buried. Nia gets steamrolled during the pitch session and keeps quiet. Brainy calls Kara that the Graves siblings are hiding in an abandoned warehouse. Kara discovers their station, which is full of a movement called Earth First. Brainy filters through everything, finding a lot of plans for Camp David. Kara realizes that the Graves siblings are about to attack the Alien Summit.

Hate: Kara goes to J’onn, begging for his help. He remains firm to his mission to be a pacifist. He promises to support her, but he cannot use the sword anymore. Kara then goes to Washington in order to talk to President Marsdin about the impending attack. Marsdin refuses to back down, saying, “A leader who caves to fear is no leader at all.” The DEO and the Secret Service coordinate together. The EMP hits, but Brainy gets the lights on. Alex heads to protect the President, but the Graves siblings are wearing DEO uniforms. Marsdin sends Kara to get the Graves siblings, who chases them through the forest. Mercy hacks the comms, who says they are the good guys who are fighting to save the country and will do whatever it takes to win. Mercy then shoots her brother, who tells Kara that the fuse was lit tonight.

Resolution: Alex hands over Otis to the other DEO agents. She sees Brainy dressed as Winn, who thinks that she wants him to be Winn. Alex apologizes and Brainy understands. They both miss their own friends. They just need to find their rhythm. Lena presents the DA with what Lillian told her about Bruno Manheim in exchange for James. Kara goes to talk with Nia, who admits she got scared. Kara assures her that fear is something they all deal with. She needs to acknowledge the fear, but then make some waves anyway. James tells Kara that she’s turning into Cat. They also get the news that James Olsen will be dropped. The DA makes it clear that if James is Guardian again, then he will be arrested. Lillian has released that Lena played her. Kara goes to visit J’onn at the bar. She apologizes for asking him to compromise his vow. Kara admits she’s terrified at the idea of uniting a world that is so divided. J’onn tells her that she can inspire change. On the news, it’s out: the President of the United States is an alien. J’onn’s friend Fiona has been kidnapped by Agent Liberty and Mercy Graves. He then stabs Fiona, declaring himself an Agent of Liberty. In Kasnia, Kara’s twin punches through the rock.

Bec Heim