Supergirl Examines What Makes A Man Into Agent Liberty On “Man Of Steel”

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Supergirl has a villain problem. Well, most Arrowverse shows have a villain problem. Their Big Bads tend to be… blah. Of course, not every bad can be an Eobard Thawne or a Deathstroke. You would think that Supergirl would have had one successful bad guy in three seasons. Reign was less an evolution of seeing a good person go bad. She was like a rip off of Glory from Buffy. That reference probably dated me, but those who got it got the point across. Part of it is because the villains lack some pathos, even some humanizing. You don’t have to agree with the villains in order to understand where they’re coming from.

Of course, Agent Liberty is also a thinly veiled nod at MAGA supporters and the far right. I already hate him. Even so, two episodes in and he’s already giving Kara and the DEO a run for their money. Who knows? Maybe this is the foe that Supergirl needs to face.

It should be better than barely developed Agent Jensen flipping on the DEO, freeing Mercy and Otis Graves, and using the lead dispersal device to poison the atmosphere with kryptonite.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

Code Green: The DEO is forced into overdrive as a Kryptonite contamination alert goes worldwide. Alex calls J’onn for help, stopping him from following Agent Liberty. He transforms and looks for Kara who is unconscious and falling fast with a likely fatal impact. J’onn is able to catch her at the last moment to the delight of those there. He returns with the heavily poisoned Kara. According to Brainy, nowhere on Earth is safe for her. They realize that the lead dispersal device was used and send Brainy to go get a Kryptonite shield. Alex can only hope that it works.

Hate-Watching: Ben Lockwood and his family are settling in for some family time. His father watches Supergirl’s speech with disgust. He thinks it’s a conspiracy. His father, Peter, hates that there’s an nth metal factory that will possibly shut down the steel factory owned by Lockwood’s father. The employees of the steel factory riot outside the nth metal factory. One employee with tusks accidentally stabs Ben in the shoulder, who is trying to defend the alien employees from the riot. Before the riot gets out of hand, Alex and Kara arrive on scene. Alex goes to tend to Ben. Ben comes to in the ambulance with Alex looking over. J’onn and Peter argue for a moment over the Alien Amnesty Act. Ben goes to see Lena to ask for a chance for his father, but Lena thinks that it’s finally time for him to modernize the plant.

Progress: During his lecture, Ben goes off script from talking about Manifest Destiny to how double-sided progress is. The New World was progress, but it screwed over the Native Americans. What does the Alien Amnesty Act mean for progress? Back home, Ben learns that his father closed his factory. Peter is drunk and angry for having done so. It’s also the day of the Daxamite Invasion. They decide to evacuate the house and try to run to Coast City. Ben thinks that it’s the only way to get away from the Daxamites. Peter, however, wants to stay and fight. With what? He doesn’t say. Ben, meanwhile, visibly bristles when his son, George, says that they should wait for Supergirl to save them. The family loads up the truck and prepares to leave. When J’onn, fighting a Daxamite soldier, crashes through their house. He eventually defeats the soldier, but leaves the family with a burning house.

Headache: James watches Cat Grant handle a White House Press Conference. Ben comes in for a meeting with James, who wants to know why Catco isn’t covering more of common person affected by the Daxamite Invasion. James tries to empathize with him, but Ben feels blown off. During his class, he talks about nativism and gets into an argument with an alien student, several of them. It gets several of the students leaving and complaining about his extreme lectures. The Dean asks him to take a leave of absence without pay. He tries to approach one of the students who complained. Kara, who is there for karaoke, gets in between Ben and the girl. Ben tries to spread his Earth-first to people who are not having it when he meets Otis Graves for the first time. This is the day the Kryptonian cult tries to remake the world. Ben gets a call from his wife, Lydia, that his dad is missing. He finds him at the factory under a steel beam. Peter asks Ben to let him die underneath the steel beam. He tells him to remember how he was raised and to raise his son that way as well. The two of them say their goodbyes and Peter dies as the factory buries him underneath the rubble.

Rise: Ben gives the eulogy for his father. He sees Lena take a seat at the back of the church and looks at her as he reads a quote from Winston Churchill. He confronts Lena after the service. She warns him that blaming aliens for his problems will send him down a dark path. He joins some of his father’s workers for a beer. They talk about the nth metal factory and scarcity of jobs, thinking about burning it down to the ground. Of course, four drunk guys with Molotov cocktails can break into a factory site and send it up in flames. The guy who speared Ben earlier leaves the factory. His inducer malfunctions, revealing his spikes, and Ben grabs a pipe. He then beats the poor guy. Ben is giving a lecture to a group of acolytes in the park. He runs into the Dean who fired him, now having troubles of her own thanks to the terraforming event. While walking, he meets Mercy Graves. She commends him on his work, but calls him sloppy in his work. She’s been cleaning up after him and gives him body armor. She thinks that they can all work together, telling him her plan to expose the President as a liar. She gives him the file on Fiona, J’onn’s alien rights activist friend. She asks if he’s in.

Agent Liberty: Ben takes the body armor to his family’s factory. He’s not thrilled by what they have for facewear, but he finds an old mask. He wears that instead, signaling the birth of Agent Liberty. Meanwhile, Kara is still dying from an overdose on Kryptonite. They need to get her from Earth’s atmosphere. They think about sending her to Argo City, knowing she may die. She asks Lena for life, thanking her for her help. They have a indefinite solution of a special suit for Kara to wear while they figure out how to help her. Mercy and Otis present Jensen to Liberty. They prepare to kill Jensen, but Liberty wants him to get them all back in.

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