Netflix Releases Trailer for Final Season of House Of Cards

Credit: Netflix

Season six of House of Cards has already been talked about a lot during the last few months. Though, it wasn’t due to theme it is going to have but rather because of Kevin Spacey and the multiple sexual assault accusations surrounding the actor.

Eventually, he was fired from the show, and it was announced that Robin Wright would lead the cast of season six, which is also going to be the last season.

Now, Netflix has released a trailer for the final season of House of Cards, and it looks like there are exciting times ahead of us and President Claire Underwood.

The trailer confirms what many suspected about what would happen to Frank Underwood and as Claire begins to narrate the trailer, she recalls how she has lost her husband during her first 100 days as president.

As Claire already became president in the last season, it’s safe to assume that we won’t actually see Frank die, but that the season will probably start with the aftermath of his death. At least, I can imagine it going like that.

We can see her deal with her husband’s death on the outside while continuing to plot behind closed doors and according to Tom (Boris McGiver) “the bodies are adding up.” So, does that mean she truly continues her husband’s dirty work? Or is she responsible for Frank’s death and many more?

Whatever the answer is, there’s one thing we shouldn’t doubt when going into season six: Claire truly is in charge of the upcoming season, and we should forget whatever Frank told us before. After all, she points out that “whatever Francis told you the last five years, don’t believe a word of it.”

We are also getting a first glimpse of Diane Lane, who will play Annette Shepard, and her character’s involvement in Claire’s administration, as well as Greg Kinnear, who will play Lane’s on-screen brother Bill Shepard and to whom Frank apparently made a promise before his death. We all can probably safely assume that he won’t take it well that Claire tells him that she doesn’t have to keep her husband’s promises.

Like I said before, there’re exciting (and turbulent) times ahead of us and President Claire Underwood.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you cannot wait for when House of Cards returns with its final season on November 2 on Netflix.

Anna Hattingen