MCM LDN 2018: The Shadowhunters Cast Talks Season 3B, Fan Culture, And Future Projects

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The Shadowhunters have taken on MCM London Comic Con! With Katherine McNamara, Emeraude Toubia, Alberto Rosende, Jade Hassouné and Chai Hansen in attendance, the crowds at the Excel were in for a treat.

At a panel on Sunday afternoon, the cast got to share some of their favorite stories from the previous few seasons of the Freeform series with an intimate few thousand fans on the Main Stage.

While, unsurprisingly so, they weren’t allowed to spoil just the faintest details about the upcoming season 3B, they did deliver on some tiny teases of what’s ahead. Unable to share a specific air date they did say we would be getting our hands at 3B in spring of 2019. It will be a tonally much darker season than previous ones.

They also said that we might see some unusual pairings coming up, and that the mid-season finale would affect everyone, and that nothing would ever be the same. Despite 3B being the last season for Shadowhunters the cast promised it would be a proper wrap up, and that fans would be satisfied, especially fans of the books, as it will be littered with Easter eggs.

Hassouné shared that season 3B will have his character Meliorn and the Seelies a lot more involved than past seasons. Whether that means a reunion with Izzie remains to be seen. One thing Toubia said was that the relationship we’d started to see her build with a mortal would not go anywhere, so do not get too invested.

4YE got to sit down with the cast and talk in more detail about what season 3B will have in store. After the mid-season finale “there is a lot of question marks,” agreed McNamara. “There’s a lot of things that are unresolved. Some of them will get resolved, some of them will get worse before they get better, but a lot of things will come full circle, a lot of questions that we’ve had for a long time [will be addressed], a lot of things that have kind of gotten quiet will come back.”

After the sudden cancellation of the series earlier this year “the final two episodes that we were able to shoot were described by our writers as ‘a love letter to the fans’,” said Rosende. He continued that not many TV series were able to give the fans a proper send-off after cancellation.

“Freeform couldn’t have done it any other way,” argued Toubia. “They had to give the fans that. I don’t think it would have been right. The reason why we did the final two episodes is for the fans. They needed closure.” Rosende agreed that the additional episodes also gave the cast the chance to say goodbye.

At the panel, McNamara and Rosende shared that a previous episode included a deleted flashback scene of Clary and Simon playing Dungeons and Dragons when they were younger, showing them during ‘easier times’. In addition to that, Toubia told us that one of her favourite deleted scenes was from the current season, in which Isabelle pieces together a sword.

The cast also talked a lot about the wonderful experiences they all had with the Shadowhunters fans. They were all blown away by the support of the fandom in the wake of the series’ cancellation, especially the #SaveShadowhunters campaign that saw over 22 million tweets in support of the show.

“They always surprise us,” Toubia said about the fans. “We think that they are amazing, and great, and then they just do so much more. They just show us how much they care about the stories and they care about the characters. We are blessed to have that kind of support behind us. Not everyone is so lucky.”

The cast then discussed the various highlights of the #SaveShadowhunters campaign all over the world, including a billboard in Times Square, posters in South Korea, buses in London, an airplane flying over the Netflix HQ and more.

“The way the world is right now people are so divided, but to have a story that’s ultimately about love and acceptance and unity, and to have all of these people all over the world come together and form friendships and form this community, it’s really an amazing thing to see,” said McNamara.

“It speaks to the world that we created with them,” agreed Rosende. He said that he believes the show has helped fans find their own voice through the series, and were able to express themselves through the stories they told. He also highlighted the campaigns success in raising over $30,000 dollars for the Trevor Project. “I am tremendously proud to say that I was part of a show that fans felt the need to do these incredible things. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful.”

“[Shadowhunters] has shown us that people can come together and can influence for the positive,” said Hassouné. McNamara added that the fandom was always “one of supporting each other, as well as supporting the show.”

Now that the show (at least for the cast) has come to an end, they will be off to new adventures. Hassouné said that he was dabbling in a lot of different projects at the moment, including music and filmmaking. He’d also like to try collaborating with fans and artists to create a communal art experience.

Hansen shared that he has finished work on something he was very proud of, a Netflix series called The New Legends of Monkey, in which he portrays the main characters. “As a kid I’ve been wanting to do a lot of Jackie Chan comedy-stunt things and I’ve fulfilled it with Monkey.”

McNamara has booked herself a stint on Arrow, which she has already started shooting. “It’s sort of eerie,” she said about coming off one closely-knit project to another, where everyone is still a stranger to her. “They’ve been so welcoming, and so wonderful. Everything that I learned during Shadowhunters and everything that that family brought me I’m taking with me on this job.”

Catch Shadowhunters Season 3B Spring 2019 on Freeform.

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