Marvel’s Runaways Drop The First Trailer For Season 2 And The Kids Are Taking On PRIDE

Credit: Hulu

Marvel’s Runaways just dropped its first trailer for the anticipated second season.

Now the teens are definitely living up to their title. After confronting their parents in the season one finale, they are officially on the run and training to take down PRIDE once and for all.

But it definitely won’t be an easy journey to say the least.

As they try to figure out their powers and deal with their parents’ misdeeds, they are confident that they can right their parents’ wrongs.

Or, as Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner) tells Nico (Lyrica Okano): “We can fix the world that they broke.”

And then they kiss! We all scream and die. It’s perfection. They are perfection.

We also get to see the live-action version of their comic hideout, an underground mansion in L.A.

Check out the trailer below.

Marvel’s Runaways will drop its complete second season on Hulu on December 21st.

Bec Heim