Mandy Moore Teases Rebecca’s Upcoming Hardship In This Is Us

Credit: NBC

We are now two weeks into the third season of This Is Us, and viewers already have a plethora of questions. In true This Is Us fashion, the directors and producers continue to keep our curiosity piqued with subtle hints about forthcoming events within the weird cyclical timeline that the show is known for exploring.

For the first time in the show’s history, the show is playing with jumps into the future, but as characteristic of This Is Us, flashbacks are still intricate in shaping the show’s overarching storyline.

But, unlike past seasons, we are beginning to explore Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and her experiences more closely.

At the end of the third season’s first episode, we are left wondering who the mysterious mustachioed man is. As Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) goes to bring Rebecca flowers after their first date, a man appears on her front door, and just as Jack pulls up outside, we see the mysterious man kiss her. Jack obviously leaves immediately.

From our perspective, we are beginning to see the details that have shaped Rebecca in the present and future. We also are learning how her past has contributed to her relationship with her children.

In an interview with TVLine, Mandy Moore shares,

“We delve a tiny bit into Rebecca’s childhood in Episode 3,” [she] says. “It gives you a clearer idea of the woman she wants to be. She struggles against how she was raised — her parents’ relationship was really dysfunctional. She rebelled against that. She doesn’t want to be that kind of wife or that kind of mother.”

As the show plans to unveil details about both Rebecca and Jack, we will soon gain a clearer picture as to who these two people are separately, how their relationship began, and what pieces of their past influenced their marriage and family life.

In the final moments of this past week’s episode, we see the struggle Rebecca is facing in trying to be strong for her children after Jack’s death, while also grieving herself.

Within the coming weeks, Moore teases, we will begin to explore more details about her past and learn how her experiences continue to shape her relationship with her family members.