Let’s Get ‘Em! Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Announces Sweet/Vicious Comic Book

Credit: MTV

Sweet/Vicious fans rejoice! No, sadly the cancelled-too-soon MTV dramedy was not revived for a second season (yet), but we are still getting more stories featuring our two favorite vagilantes, Jules and Ophelia.

Sweet/Vicious tells the story of sexual assault survivor Jules Thomas, who, after her own terrifying experience, starts pursuing sexual predators on her college campus. She stumbles into an unlikely ally in the form of the highly-intelligent hacker Ophelia Mayer. The two form a close bond and by the end of season one the two are able to achieve some semblance of justice – while wearing cute skirts, smoking pot, and finding love – because it’s 2018, and girls can do it all.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ophelia and Jules, do yourself a favour and at least have a look at the trailer. It won’t take more than 2 minutes for these girls to win you over.

But their fight is far from over.

Today series creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson announced that Sweet/Vicious would return in comic book form in 2019. She has partnered with LA based comic book publisher Black Mask Studios and a number of talented artists including Kiki Jenkins, Emily Pearson and Maria Llovet have already come up with their versions of Jules and Ophelia.

Have a look at their great sketches below.

Credit: Black Mask Studios. By Kiki Jenkins, by Maria Llovet, by Emily Pearson.

The official cover for the comic was designed by Skylar Patridge. “When I saw Skylar’s piece of Jules and Ophelia, my heart almost burst”, Robinson told Variety. ”She really nailed their essence in a way that made it feel like I was looking at two friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time. I am so overwhelmed by the immense talent of all four of these incredible artists. Emily, Maria, and Kiki captured Jules and Ophelia in their own way, with such raw intensity—while still representing the fun, anarchistic feeling of the series.”

The comic has been in the making since the first season aired on MTV in 2016, just before the start of the first allegations against movie-mogul Harvey Weinstein were publicized and the #MeToo movement began. It was now kick-started by the recent very public Brett Kavanagh senate hearing, and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s brave testimony.

“I was basically crying all day”, said Robinson. “I didn’t know what to do, so I started writing the comic. I was watching her testifying and him testifying, and in my brain, I was just listening to Ophelia and Jules talking about it,”

The comic, in its most original form, was meant to bridge the gap between season one of Sweet/Vicious and a season two that never was. It will continue to focus on the central friendship of the series, Jules and Ophelia, and include a story featuring “a Brett Kavanaugh type, 20 years ago.” The man in question will not make an appearance himself.  “I’m not sure I want to include these heinous people in my comic book,” said Robinson.

Credit: Black Mask Studios/Skylar Patridge

For Sweet/Vicious fans this should be enough to keep them going until someone eventually, inevitably, picks the series up for a second season. But most importantly it is a sign that its creator has not given up on telling more of Ophelia and Jules’s stories – and has found creative ways to do so. We stan an actual queen.

Robinson has kept busy in the last year and has just finished work on a featured film for Netflix, which she wrote and directed. Someone Great, produced by Paul Feig and starring Gina Rodriguez, Rosario Dawson and Brittany Snow is set to be the queer and quirky rom com we all need and deserve. It will hit the streaming platform in 2019.

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