Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: “The Virgin Gary” Takes Us Back To The 60s With One Murderous Unicorn

After making us wait forever (or at least it seemed that way), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is finally back on our screens for its fourth outing. Your regular recapper, Verena Cote, is taking a break from the Legends this season so yours truly will be on recapping duties this go round.

The season premiere of Legends gave us a lot to think about and to absorb as it wasted no time throwing us into the fray as our dear Legends found themselves having to fix yet another mess they had made. They literally cannot blame anyone else but themselves at this point for everything that goes wrong in time, which is fine by me as it makes for such a good time while watching this show.

Joining the fun this season is none other John Constantine who isn’t exactly keen on being a part of the team (not to mention, he is also super pissed at the team at the moment for their latest screw up). Not to worry though as it turns out he may need the team in his corner after all, especially by the episode’s end.

Pack your bags, friends, as we’re going to the 60s as we discuss the premiere episode “The Virgin Gary.”

Party’s Over: The episode kicks off with The Legends and the Time Bureau celebrating a job well done as the team has fixed their last anachronism. Not everyone is in the party mood as Zari chastises Ray for allowing Nora Darhk to escape with the Time Stone. Joining Zari in a dark mood are Mick and Nate, who end up at Nate’s parents’ house, where it becomes obvious that Nate and his father do not have the best relationship. Elsewhere, Ava and Sara rekindle their relationship together, with Ava asking Sara to move in with her. Their quality time gets interrupted though as Constantine appears and tries to warn Sara about the darkness coming. Sara dismisses him claiming that they’ve searched the timeline and nothing is out of place. Unfortunately, she turns out to be wrong as she gets alerted by Constantine’s special bones about a problem. She’s not the only one on the hot trail as Ray finds the same problem as do Nate and Mick thanks to Nate’s dad mentioning a different story about the 60s and the summer of love.

Flower Power: The next thing we know The Legends all find their way to Woodstock where they see a Unicorn impale someone and eat their flesh. In addition to that particularly disgusting sight, said unicorn also ends up spewing a glittery, hallucinogenic goo that rendered most of the Legends dazed and confused. All but Sara, who after realizing he was right, locates Constantine and informs him of the situation. Constantine then shows them a spell that will get rid of the creature requiring the following ingredients: A) Jerry Garcia’s saliva (which they get thanks to Nate stealing a joint from him), B) one of Janis Joplin’s hairs (which Ray acquires in his Atom suit, causing Janis to trip out), C) Jimi Hendrix’s necklace (which Mick steals) and D) a virgin (which turns out to hard to find in the 60s).

An Unexpected Hero: Thankfully, for the virgin part, Constantine and the Legends use Time Bureau member Gary as bait to lure the unicorn before Constantine uses the spell to send the unicorn to hell. All goes well for the most part, minus Gary losing a nipple. Sara offers Constantine a spot on the team, which he declines. She also comes clean to Ava about the new issue, which doesn’t surprise Ava at all as she turns out to be ok with it and with the Legends trying to fix it.

A Haunted Man: The episode closed with Constantine at his flat, emerging from a shower only to be thrown about the place by some invisible dark force with a nasty attitude, before it writes in blood that it’s coming for him.

Legends returns true to form for its fourth season, strong as ever and with more fun up its sleeve. Having John Constantine joining the show will definitely up the ante as based on this episode alone, we are all in for one hell of a ride but one hell of a fun time as well.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below!

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