Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: Disney Hell Meets Salem As The Team Goes On A “Witch Hunt

Credit: The CW

This week’s episode, which aired just in the nick of time for Halloween, “Witch Hunt” may have been set during the Salem witch trials, but it really and truly belonged to a one fairy godmother, shenanigans at the Time Bureau, and a pair of pigs. In short, welcome to another fairly normal and pretty standard fare episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Constantine ’s finally come around on the idea of joining the Legends’ quest for nowHe’s arrived at just the right time: Ray has built a Time Seismograph that can track magical fugitives, and they’ve located their next target: Salem in 1692.

Gather ’round and let us discuss what went down during the episode!

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Right off the bat, the team quickly discovers that while the humans accusing women of being witches are monstrous enough, there is something supernatural lurking about. Sara, Ray, and Zari observe a woman named Jane Hawthorne being dragged away for her “witchcraft” and her daughter Prudence begging for mercy, before a murder of crows arrive, pecking at those hurting Jane. When the team regroups on board the Waverider, Constantine helps them deduce that it’s Prudence who’s hosting a demon and using it to protect her mother. If only they had an exorcist on hand….(jk, jk).

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