Juliana Departs And Helen Makes A Rash Decision In The Man In The High Castle’s “Kasumi (Through the Mists)”

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Assassins and Cowboys

While Tagomi practices with his bō staff and talks with Mrs. Watanabe, Hans watches from a distance. I guess that kill order wasn’t rescinded after all. He strikes when the pair are having tea together in the evening at Tagomi’s house. Tagomi defends them both with the staff and kills Hans. Japanese soldiers dump Hans’ body outside the Reich embassy.

As a thank you for providing valuable intel on Ed, Kido gives Childan his shop back. Remembering he has a conscious, Childan tries to leave a message for Ed at the hotel in the Neutral Zone but the line goes out before he can. Kido arrives in Denver and is quickly put in touch with Jack, Ed’s cowboy boyfriend. Jack denies knowing where Ed or Childan are but Kido leaves a man to covertly keep an eye on him.

Goodbye, Dr. Ryan

Moving forward with their Year Zero plans, the Nazis melt down the Liberty Bell and use the metal to forge a giant swastika instead. Himmler is delighted.

It’s well established that everything John Smith does is for his family, to keep them safe. That’s why he’s a high ranking Nazi officer. That’s why he risked treason to try to save his son. But what happens when someone in his family betrays him?

The latest concern in the Smith family is the eldest daughter. She needs to be tested to determine if she has the same genetic disorder as Thomas, which presents after puberty. Helen asks what will happen if she tests positive and John’s dejected silence is answer enough. With this possibility rolling around in her head, Helen has a venting session with Dr. Ryan, who expresses discomfort with Helen’s criticisms of the Reich and its eugenics program. When they say goodbye, she impulsively kisses him and he jerks back, looking terrified.

Probably worried he’ll be shot at any moment, Dr. Ryan calls John, who comes down to his office. The therapist tells him that Helen was speaking against the Reich. Then he carefully explains how patients commonly develop feelings for their doctor and that Helen kissed him, though he says it was only on the cheek. John’s impassive face must frighten him because he hands over Helen’s file and says he will resign from being her therapist. John thanks him.

Before he can talk to this wife, John must deal with a pissed off Himmler. He’s learned that Hans is dead and the Japanese are demanding the oil embargo be lifted. Himmler is confident Japan will not risk war with the Reich and tells John to reject their demands. A flicker of fear at the possibility of war crosses John’s face.

At home, he tells his wife about his conversation with Dr. Ryan but does not mention the kiss. He doesn’t need to. When Helen asks if Dr. Ryan told him anything other than her criticisms of the Reich, the truth of what else happened is all over her face. John simply says she won’t be seeing him anymore. Helen knocks several bottles off her vanity in frustration.

The Best Laid Plans

Although she gets her wish to show the film to the community, Juliana is disappointed that most of them think it’s fake. They would rather make the best of the reality they have than believe in the hope provided by another world. One man, a physicist, does believe in the film and offers to help Juliana. He studies the blueprints of the Nazis’ machine and recognizes that it would be used to travel between worlds, which we already knew. But he also says the machine is basically a nuclear bomb underground. It would devastate everything around it if it went off.  

Wyatt’s contact delivers new papers for Juliana. Suspicious of the contact’s quick turnaround, Wyatt follows him and knows he’s sold them out. He shoots the contact and a Nazi who shows up but escapes before a second Nazi can retaliate. When he brings the papers to Juliana, Frank is the one who is suspicious. But Wyatt swears he’ll have Juliana’s back. The Nazis killed half his family in Ireland and the other half in New York. He’s motivated.

After a tearful goodbye with Frank and parting “I love yous” with Ed, Juliana leaves with Wyatt for the long drive to Pennsylvania. Almost immediately, Ed regrets not going with her. Likely motivated by Juliana, Frank has decided to “make a statement” in Denver and invites Ed to join him. They have no idea Kido and the Yakuza are already there.

At the border to the Reich, Juliana and Wyatt show their papers to Nazi soldiers who seem unimpressed and highly suspicious. An officer who Wyatt knows arrives and privately tells him Juliana’s papers are clear forgeries and one of the soldiers recognizes her. Wyatt’s friend tries to let them just turn around but is forced to shoot one of the soldiers when he grabs Juliana. A brief firefight ensures with every soldier, including Wyatt’s friend, ending up dead. The pair jumps back into the Jeep and speeds through the border crossing.

Stray Observations:

  • At some point, it’s not enough to privately disagree with the Reich’s policies. At some point, you have to either walk the talk or shut up. Looking at you, Smith family.
  • Helen: “I just wish that I could turn back the clock on so many things.”
  • Nicole takes Thelma to a very classy lesbian bar but their evening out is interrupted when the police raid the bar. Everyone except Nicole is arrested. She calls Billy at the propaganda office to help get Thelma released and to prevent any photos from reaching the papers.
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