Jefferson Is Feeling Down In “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues” On Black Lightning

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Black Lightning’s back!

Whoa boy, things are getting real in Freeland. Like really, seriously, real. The community and the Pierce family deal with the fallout from season one in their own ways. Tobias still has whatever’s in the briefcase, which Kara tells Gambi is akin to unleashing hell. Syonide is dead, also killed by Kara. Anissa is doing some extra vigilante work on the side to help the families of the people in the pods out. Lynn gets a job caring for the people in the ASA, though not without suspicion.

In order to keep Garfield High opened following the attack, Jefferson steps down as principal. Henderson has figured out who Black Lightning and Thunder are. Jennifer’s powers are getting a bit out of control. Plus, people with powers from Green Light are emerging in some big ways.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Death and the Maiden: Khalil and Tobias drink to Syonide and play chess. Khalil telling Tobias that he was listening to Syonide the night she died, while Tobias teaches him that actions have consequences. He needs to anticipate, while also punching him to make his point. At the labs, a tech does something which ends up waking up two of the people in pods. One of them spews what looks like light. The other, a girl, makes a run for it while Lynn tries to calm her down. The girl feeling trapped activates her powers, breaking through a wall. Lynn sends them to pull the videos to figure out what happened. Lynn tells Jefferson what happened, including her belief that girl may be in the midst of a psychotic break.

Light as a Feather: Gambi identifies the escaped young woman as Wendy Hernandez, a woman he identified as having power over air. She can make a breeze into the hurricane. Meanwhile, Agent O’Dell tests Lynn with Issa Williams who has been taken into ASA custody, quite forcibly. He tells Lynn this is the job she signed up for. Anissa preps for her run and Jennifer comes in for some sister talk. It’s actually really nice as Jennifer seems so much more herself than she has been. They’re also happy that it looks like their parents are getting back together. Lynn brings in Issa’s sister to talk to him, but she also says some hurtful things. It looks like Issa is a living truth serum. At a bar, Anissa listens to a singer and giving her some serious looks. Anissa and the musician are hella vibeing together, which means some kind of fun for Anissa with a pretty lady. Get it, girl.

Songs: Anissa says goodbye with Cheona. She has to head to class, much to Cheona’s disappointment. Napier looks through Jefferson’s office and comes with news of his replacement: Mick Lowery. They want him to take over for the school when it opens ASAP. The school board, however, wants Jefferson to be 100 percent over his white replacement. Jefferson is upset that they want him to be okay with this white savior coming in. Napier gives it to him, tongues are wagging about him and not in a good way. Gambi has been tracking Wendy: her parents are dead, friends are 30 years old. Jefferson shares about the psychotic break theory. Gambi has it narrowed down to four buildings and is monitoring the situation. It’s time for Thunder and Black Lightning to hit the street. Khalil goes to see Jennifer, refusing to leave until she gets out and talks to him. She then pushes him off the roof to get him to leave. He just jumps back on. Jennifer and Khalil get into it over the attack on the school. Khalil tells her that Tobias will kill him given half a chance. He keeps Jennifer over her maybe feelings for him, but she demands he leaves while trying to keep her powers under wraps. This time, he leaves. Tobias goes to visit a man named Marcellus, checking in with him. It’s clear that this is the rare person he’s fond of, telling him that he plans to be the biggest arms dealer on the planet in metahumans. He asks about Alvin Pierce and Marcellus remembers. It’s because he remembers that Tobias kills him. Wendy walks through the streets causing destruction all around her with Jefferson absorbing the electricity in order to keep things safe for the paramedics and Thunder clearing the way. He’s annoyed at Anissa’s showboating, but she wants him to just chill out a little bit.

Family Dinner: The Pierce family is preparing dinner when Lynn brings home Issa, much to everyone’s surprise. She refused to leave him behind. Issa’s powers, however, turn a happy family dinner awkward real quick as they blurt out the truth. Issa has it figured out and so does Jefferson. The Pierce family leaves in order to talk to amongst themselves, but Jennifer sneaks Issa upstairs. She invites him on the roof, where they figure out that Issa’s powers work with eye contact. Issa is summoned back inside and he promises to keep Jennifer’s smoking quiet. Anissa goes out to Cheona’s soiree when she runs into Grace, who is waitressing the event. Grace is not thrilled at seeing her and Cheona together. Anissa apologizes for never calling her back, but Grace doesn’t believe that things have been crazy. Tobias goes to see one of his cops on the inside, who gives him Syonide’s possessions and then Tobias shoots him.

Stepping Down: Jefferson makes an announcement that he will be stepping down as principal to the ire of the parents. Lynn, meanwhile, gives Issa the truth that artificially created metas such as himself will die without a cure. He has about six months or he could go into a pod. Gambi, meanwhile, has tracked down Wendy Hernandez to the Freeland youth center. She tosses around police cars and Jefferson, who doesn’t want to hurt her. He eventually has to shock her to get her back to herself. He offers to take her to someone who can help. She takes her hand. Issa agrees to stay out for however long he has and to spend his last days with his family. He’ll see Lynn for appointments to help her research. Agent O’Dell says that the town was going to be contained. Anissa wants to know why he didn’t call her to help with Wendy, who elected to go into a pod. Jefferson tells Anissa that he’s scared that she’s going to get herself killed. Anissa, however, is tired of him saying that same thing. Lynn offers some comfort to Wendy as she places her into the pod. Jefferson makes his farewell address to the students of Garfield High. He apologizes to the students and accepts the consequences of his actions. He will be staying at Garfield as a teacher. The students then have him recite the future mantra, much to his delight, and to their applause.

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