Is It Truly “The Death Of Vibe” On The Flash?

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, Nora and Barry came clean to Team Flash about Barry’s mystery disappearance. Iris, however, remains hopeful that they can stop things. Barry tries to impart more wisdom on Nora, who just wants to impress her dad. Thankfully, Joe’s there with the pep talk to help Barry (and Cecile, concerned about losing her telepathy) get over some parenting worries. Ralph and Caitlin try to help Cisco get over his break-up, but they really need to help Caitlin’s own worries over her dad. It turns out her mom may have faked the death certificate.

The team also met Cicada, who soundly kicked their butts. He only stopped from killing Barry when Nora appeared and shouted “Dad!”. It turns out our resident visitor from the future has some knowledge about this mystery baddies.

Of course, this episode has us worried. They won’t really kill off Cisco.

Would they?

Oh, boy.

Cicada: In 2032, young Nora walks through the Flash Museum as older Nora reminisces about Cicada. She tells Barry no one knows who the guy is. He’s the only villain that no one ever caught. (They tried everyone. apparently.) Everyone tried and failed. According to Nora, Gridlock and Block weren’t supposed to be victims. She also may have a plan. Meanwhile, a guy with the solar powered gun attempts to rob a grocery store. Ralph saves the day, but his powers make everyone laugh. Nora had an idea to bring in an alternate Wells to help. Wolfgang freaks out when meeting him and Barry, Iris, and Nora. He flatters them, but is unable to help them at the time. He promised to send them the greatest detective in all the multiverse. Cisco is pissed that Wolfgang was nice to them and not him. They called the alternate Wells: Harrison “Sherloque” Wells. He promises them that he can catch their killer. Meanwhile, Cicada looks up Vibe and sees Joe in the background of the shots when he’s there.

Sherlock: Sherloque makes tea and the deduces about Cisco’s recent heartbreak. He deduces that Nora and Barry are speedsters. Iris had a tattoo at some point. Then there is a question of his fee. He can even help Caitlin with hers. He’s very expensive. Ralph gets introduce to the multiverse. He shows them the meme that came up from the picture, scared people don’t take him seriously. Sherloque is rude to poor Ralph and knows where their killer is. Caitlin decides to hire him to help with her search for her father. She takes him to see her mother, who is immediately defensive. She warns Caitlin not to obsess over this. Ralph tells her that she was lying and knows how to get what they need. Barry and Nora head to what is believed to be Cicada’s whereabouts. Sherloque believes Cicada to be David Hersch, and Nora rushes ahead as usual. She doesn’t realize it’s a decoy, setting off the main one. Hersch runs off leading Barry to stop him. Of course, it’s not the real Cicada who kidnaps Joe from the home.

Missed: Hersch’s place has been linked to several anti-government bombings. Barry doesn’t think they caught him. Nora, however, wants to celebrate their win and hurries off. Cicada questions Joe about Vibe, wanting to finish the job of killing him. Joe tries to throw things off, saying Vibe only shows up at crime scenes. Cicada says this could be a crime scene and knocks him out. Caitlin and Ralph break into the file room, finding a file for her father. Ralph finds a letter to Caitlin from her dad: a goodbye letter. She thinks it may be a suicide note. Barry stops the party, declares that Hersch isn’t Cicada. Wells doesn’t believe it though. It’s always David Hersch. They think the timeline changed enough to make sure Hersch isn’t Cicada. Wells spent all his money on alimony. Nora wants to throw Hersch into the Pipeline until he talks, sending her running off upset. Cicada promises to destroy his family, saying that Joe should be afraid. He then torches him with his magic dagger lightning.

Worry: Nora is still running around. Iris and Barry talk a bit about the timeline changes. She feels very guilty and only wants to fix her mistakes. Nora texts Barry and Iris down to the Pipeline where it looks like Wells vaporized himself. Cisco, however, figures out that Sherloque faked his death. Barry checks in with Nora, who still feels guilty. Nora never messed up this bad before and she can’t stop thinking about it. Barry tells her that rushing to fix her mistake only makes things worse. She needs to think before she acts and go after the problem in the right way. Driving back, Ralph apologizes to Caitlin for pushing her into the letter. Caitlin, however, feels like she has closure now about her dad. She calls him the best detective a girl could ask for. Cecile’s powers kick in and she goes downstairs to find Joe and Cicada. Joe tells her not to through his thoughts. The baby cries and Cecile tries to run away. Cisco appears and Cicada pushes him through his breech.

Hunted: Barry informs them that Cicada grabbed Cisco who is running through the woods. He can’t breech out, but his hands are opened and bloody. Cicada is dampening his powers. Sherloque asks what kind of trees. Sherloque asks about the trees: pine and ash. He hears crickets and figures out where he is. Cicada stabs Cisco in the back. Barry arrives and gets his powers knocked out. Cicada begins to beat on Barry. Nora takes a moment with her powers, entering Flashtime to figure things out. She knows how to fix it. Iris tells her to go. Nora grabs one of the fusion cells. Cicada declares that all these years Central City defended metas instead of ending them. It ends now. Cisco throws the cell, which releases a blast. It appears to have vaporized him. Cicada then literally flies off as Barry stands over the ashes of Cisco, who reappears in a breech. He took of his costume in order to trick Cicada into thinking he was dead. Nora appears, using the interdimensional extrapolator so Cisco could breech out. Barry tells her she did great.

False Reporting: Iris reports about the fake death of Vibe to her blog. Sherloque commends Nora for her quick thinking. He’s excited about a new mystery with a new Cicada. He’s also staying so Team Flash can get their money’s worth. With Sherloque needing a place to stay, Barry and Iris invite Nora to live with them. Nora agrees and Barry thinks it’s a good idea to bring her and Iris closer. Caitlin is still a bit suspicious over her dad’s letter. He would find some other way. Ralph checks in, dropping off some stuff from the files. She realizes that the elements her dad was working on are the ones they would make up. They spell out a message: “Caitlin Come”. Someone watches her. Iris visits Joe, who gives her a written report. Joe remembers the comments about family and cherishing them. He tells Iris that he believes Cicada is a father. At the hospital, a doctor checks over a young woman. The doctor says “Hello Orlen”, who asks about her progress. The girl is still in a coma and it doesn’t look good. She asks to see it. A wound he has is not healing. She tells him to stop, but he won’t until he’s finished. Nora runs into Sherloque, who asks for her help. He’s curious about when she decided to act when the satellite was falling. Nora walks off looking a bit worried as Sherloque watches her go.

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