Iris Learns Why Nora Has Problems With Her In “News Flash” On The Flash

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Welcome back, Flash fans!

Oh man, the show is going right out of the gate with the trouble that Cicada is bringing to town. He pursued Cisco so doggedly last week that our poor hero had to fake his death to get away from the serial killer. Though it was Vibe’s death, not Cisco’s. There’s that. Barry had his hands full with Nora, trying to get her to think before acting and not let her guilt consume her. She also told them that Cicada was the bad guy that no one ever caught. They think her coming back in time may have ramped things up as there are already different victims for the serial killer.

They enlist the latest Wells to have, known as Sherloque. Except, the guy who was Cicada on 37 other Earths was not on this Earth.

Viewers, however, already know the identity. A guy named Orlin who has a child in a coma in the hospital and one weird stab wound.

Let’s see where we’re going this week, shall we?

Film: A woman is vlogging live during the Enlightenment, running toward where Barry and Nora are stopping the STAR Labs satellite. Her phone gets knocked from her hand, but Nora saves her. She picks up her cracked phone, which mysteriously repairs itself. Iris is making pancakes for breakfast, but Nora still gives her the cold shoulder. Iris is not an amazing cook at all. She realizes that Barry took Nora to get a phone without her. There is going to be a charity softball and they will cheer him on. Iris vents her frustration to Barry about how things with Nora are going. Sherloque gathers the team together, minus Cisco who is healing up at his parents’ place. The group begins to piece together what they know and suspect about Cicada. Ralph, however, brings up the mask. Sherloque condescends his idea though. At the game, Barry is banished to right field. Outside of his powers, Barry is spectacularly unathletic, but adorable. Nora is checking out Spin Zone, an app made by a former CCPN reporter, Spencer Young. Suddenly a missing CCPD officer arrives and Nora grabs the bag, tossing it into the air. She and the officer don’t remember a thing. In the distance, Spencer watches the chaotic scene before walking away.

Happening: The Team tries to figure what exactly happened. Spin Zone puts up a post detailing what just happened. Iris and Caitlin are worried Cicada may choose Nora as his next target. Sherloque and Ralph go to the first attack site. Ralph is still working the mask angle, realizing that the scent from it is distinctive. He thinks if they can track it, then they can find Cicada. Iris goes to talk with Spencer, who is more concern about fame than anything else. She wants to make Iris absolutely irrelevant. Meanwhile, Barry, Nora, and Joe talk with the officer who gives a similar story to Nora. He swears that he doesn’t remember a thing about what happened. Barry and Nora go to deal with a fire at CCPN, where Spencer is watching them. Spencer takes control of Barry sending him to Vegas, leaving Nora to deal with the fire. Iris walks Nora through starving the fire of oxygen using the tornado arms. This leaves Nora to get the spotlight. Barry comes back to himself when he reaches Vegas.

Murky: The team regroups to talk about what happened with Barry. Caitlin says that there are some weird things with their scans. Iris brings up Spencer, saying she wants to use Nora to get famous. Nora, however, bristles at the suggestion. Ralph, in costume, and Sherloque goes to the factory where they believe the mask comes from. Ralph talks with a floor manager, who says all the employees wear those masks. There are three plants like this in Central City and Keystone area alone. Sherloque masks Ralph a little bit more as he walks off a bit dejected. Orlin watches as Ralph leaves, taking off his mask. Nora goes off to talk with Spencer alone while Barry and Iris wait in the van with a meta watch. She and Spencer flirt with each other, sending Iris to go in. Iris tries to warn Nora off Spencer. Nora reveals to Iris why she is so cold to her. Future Iris put a power dampening chip in Nora in order to protect her. Until six months ago for Nora, she didn’t even know that she had the chip in her.

Heartbreak: Iris is trying to use the computer to hack Nora’s phone into accepting her calls. Barry tries to comfort her, saying she can’t blame herself for what future you did. Iris doesn’t understand why she would do that to Nora. Barry, however, has faith that his wife thought she was making the right call. Caitlin is researching the brain scans from Nora and Barry. Sherloque appears with the mask from the factory asking her to punch him in the chest. From the punch to the chest, it makes him with the mask sound just like Cicada. There’s a bomb at the nearby stadium, having them look for it. There’s no bomb there. Iris realizes that the headlights are putting some kind of code into people’s brains. Spencer writes her newest post: “XS Kill Flash”. Nora looks at it and immediately sets to the task of trying to kill her father. Yikes.

Dead: Barry tries to reason with his daughter who is too firmly under Spencer’s control. Barry, however, is too fast for Nora. Spencer uses her phone to slow down time. Iris arrives in time to stop Nora from pulling out Barry’s heart. He’s able to arrest Spencer and grab her phone. The officer has been exonerated and her phone is locked up. Sherloque reveals what he and Caitlin discovered about Cicada’s injuries. He figures out that the night of Enlightenment, Nora joining Barry changed the trajectory of the debris. It led to a new Cicada. Sherloque gives the credit to Ralph. Iris, however, asks how a thing can be meta. Barry looks at the back of Spencer’s cell phone, which is glowing with dark matter. They all realize the night of the Enlightenment created meta-technology, which can be used by anyone. Nora sits on the examination bed when Iris walks in. She apologizes what future her did. She also agrees with her future self’s decision. Iris tries to explain her thought process, protecting her. Nora, however, believes that Iris did it to control her. She’s upset that her mother took away a choice from her she didn’t even know she had to be a hero. Barry takes Iris’ side and says that he supports her decisions. Nora said that Iris didn’t even tell her she had powers to start with. Iris breaks down crying as Barry hugs her close. Nora goes to Joe and Cecile asking if she can stay for a bit.


Orlin returns home from work, falling over from his injuries and stumbling to the floor. He crushes a support with his hand. He’s surprised until he crushes it entirely. He clutches at his chest where the wound is red and angry.


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