In This Week’s Arrow “The Longbow Hunters” Take Star City As Loyalties Are Tested

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It’s time to introduce some new bad guys on Arrow. As John and ARGUS battle a tricky trio of thieves, Felicity issues a call to arms against Diaz, and Dinah picks a fight with Laurel. “The Longbow Hunters” also launches a new adventure for Roy and William in the future.

After having landed in solitary for attacking one of Diaz’s goons in prison, Oliver and his newfound sidekick Stanley are looking for another way to get to Diaz. Oliver tries the ‘WWGAD’ – What Would Green Arrow Do approach, but quickly learns that he has to bend the rules in prison to survive.

Danny Brickwell claims to have valuable information on Diaz, but in return he asks Oliver to get rid of a guard for him. Oliver gains access to a computer and looks into the man, and he is as clean as can be. So instead of hurting the man he tricks him, and in a brawl, makes it look like the guard attacked him. That’s one way of getting rid of him.

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The Star City crew, meanwhile, has a whole other problem to deal with. The Longbow Hunters have come to town, thank to Diaz, and they have stolen valuable tech from an ARGUS facility. Diggle, as part of an ARGUS mission goes after them, and Felicity gets herself involved in order to track down Diaz. The two butt heads along the way as Diggle makes it clear that his loyalty lies with ARGUS.

Together with Curtis and Rene they are able to track down Red Dart, Kodiak, and Silencer. When Diggle choses to protect the ARGUS tech over capturing Diaz, the Longbow Hunters and the man in question get away, much to Felicity’s chagrin. With John firmly in ARGUS’s grasp, she decides to find a new accomplice in the form of Agent Samanda Watson.

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Dinah, now acting SCPD captain, finds herself constantly going toe-to-toe with Laurel, who ditches her security details and doesn’t quite take the threat that Diaz poses to heart. Quite the opposite, Laurel is seeking out the man who has made more attempts on her life than she can count. She wants Diaz all to herself, so that she can avenge Quentin’s death.

In the flash-forwards on Lian Yu we learn more about the future. We are meant to believe that Felicity and Oliver abandoned William, which apparently caused him to develop commitment issues, as per William’s ex-boyfriend. (Yes, that’s right! Arrow has added another LGBT+ character to its roster – let’s just hope this one actually survives and gets a happy end.) Apart from this little bit of information we also learn that William is quite smart, and tried to develop affordable magnetic levitation.

William presents Roy with the hozen Felicity gave to him, which contains GPS coordinates to Lian Yu, which led William to the island in the first place. Together they dig up an old box with Oliver’s bow stashed inside. It contains yet another message from the Queen family, but before William can read it, Roy takes charge. He burns the note and tells William they are going back to Star City.

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Episode two of Arrow’s seventh season under new management continues strong with new surprises. Oliver still struggles to find his place in prison, but, judging from the new intro, Inmate 4587 won’t be going home anytime soon. When will we learn more about his sidekick Stanley? And why doesn’t Oliver ask the other man more questions about himself? Is this the same man that researched both Diggle and Felicity heavily before getting them involved with his mission?

Felicity and Diggle, normally on the same team now find themselves on different ends of the spectrum. As sad as it is to see their friendship disintegrate before our very eyes, it is thrilling to see Felicity so headstrong. She’s a woman on a mission, and you better not cross her.

Another thing that is surprisingly enjoyable is the relationship between Laurel and Dinah. Where they started the series as polar opposites it seems that slowly but surely they are starting to warm up to each other – or maybe that’s just in my head. Because how amazing would a Black Canary/Siren team up be? I’ve always enjoyed their more feisty moments, and if their combined sass was directed at someone else rather than each other, great things are bound to happen.

Through the flash forwards we do not only learn more about the future, which is clearly as bleak as it is exciting, but Roy and William set off on a whole new adventure together. Haynes and Lewis have a great dynamic so far, and we can’t wait to explore more of what the future holds.

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Favorite Lines:

Felicity: I just want to put a couple trackers on a few things. Five minutes, tops.
Curtis: Are you familiar with the expression ‘famous last words’?
Rene: Grab your balls, Curtis. We’re going in.
Curtis: They’re not balls. They’re T-spheres.

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