“History Ends” As New Chapters Begin In The Man In The High Castle

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Secrets, Lies, and Good Dance Partners

Gathering her things and taking Joe’s files with her, Juliana leaves his room as fast as possible. She calls Wyatt to ask for his help delivering a package to Tagomi. Wyatt is reluctant and would prefer some answers first but agrees and then drives Juliana out of town. When they’re stopped for gas, the Kempetai pull up and search them and the van. Seizing an opportunity, Wyatt shoots one soldier and Juliana shoots the other, much to Wyatt’s surprise.

As they cross the border into the Neutral Zone, they share sips out of a flask and Juliana remembers sharing a drink with Joe after the first time she had killed someone. Joe had told her she had to move on and that’s what she’s doing now. She does question why Wyatt is continuing to help her and he says, “Good dance partners are hard to find.” How can you not love this guy?

He drops her off at his place while he goes to find someone she’s looking for. But it’s not Frank or Hawthorne who shows up at the door; it’s Lem. He’s as surprised to see her as I am to see him. More than a little fed up with being in the dark, Wyatt demands answers so Juliana tells him simply that she’s looking for the Man in the High Castle. Lem takes her to where Hawthorne works and she waits with Caroline, his wife, for him to return.

Before Juliana has even left San Francisco, Inspector Kido is tying her to Joe’s murder. He interviews prostitutes who frequent the hotel and one of them remembers seeing Juliana. Looking fairly smug, Kido tells Tagomi that Joe is dead and a witness has placed Juliana at the scene. He’s also found blood in Juliana’s own bathroom and she is missing. But not long after this, Tagomi receives the package Juliana had Wyatt deliver, which contains Joe’s files, including the one on Tagomi himself. He presents this to Kido and asks him how he will handle the traitor in his own department. Later, Kido calls Nakamura to his office to explain how Joe received a classified file on Tagomi.

Friendly Reunion

Back in Denver, Childan sells John Wayne’s belt buckle to a Japanese man and makes enough money to get home. While celebrating with a drink at the bar with Ed and Ed’s cowboy boyfriend, Sampson walks in and spots Ed. He pulls Ed aside and tells him Frank is alive. Because Ed is sweet but dumb, he immediately tells Childan this information. Sampson takes Ed up to see Frank and Ed hugs his friend without hesitation.

He recognizes the Resistance posters with the sunrise and commends Frank for making something that has touched so many people. Frank tells him the idea came to him while he was in agony recovering from his injuries. One day he felt the sun rising on him and it inspired the design. Frank has decided to have his bar mitzvah after all and Ed quickly agrees to stay to be part of it.

Reichsmarshall Smith and the Disappearing Woman

After John Smith receives word about Joe, Hoover is sent to smooth things over with the Pacific States. He tells Kido the Nazis Joe is said to have killed were traitors and Joe was simply balancing the scales but Kido is unmoved. Hoover reports to John that the Kempetai has linked Juliana with Joe’s murder but they don’t seem to be trying too hard to find her because Joe also had Japanese targets. This information surprises John.

It’s actually a day full of surprises for John Smith. In a conversation with Himmler about Joe’s death, they speculate that the Japanese actually killed him. Himmler is sending Hans to replace Joe. In addition, Dr. Mengele called to invite John to question Fatima, the traveler the Nazis have been experimenting on. John gets in two questions before Fatima begins to shake violently. Her seizures cause the entire room to quake and then… she’s gone. Disappeared before their eyes.

This extraordinary event aside, the Smith family is finally finding some semblance of normalcy. Helen prepares breakfast and acts more like herself. She recalls happy memories of Thomas during her therapy session. Her progress is crucial because John is about to be named Reichsmarshall for real. When he tells his wife that Eric is dead on Himmler’s orders, he explains Himmler’s plans for his future and that Helen must always have good days moving forward. John’s promotion puts them on even shakier ground than before.

Helen seems to find strength in knowing how much John needs her. She stands beside him during the parade and ceremony to name him Reichsmarshall of North America, which is basically the Nazi version of president.

The ceremony is intercut with Frank’s bar mitzvah. While Himmler pronounces Year Zero and the end of American history, Frank and the community embrace 5,000 years of history and faith. Frank looks euphoric while John Smith looks silently thunderstruck.

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