“Excess Animus” Propels Everyone Forward In The Man In The High Castle

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Back Where We Began

The film that started Juliana’s entire journey, where the Allies win the war, is screened for Wyatt in Hawthorne’s back room. Wyatt is skeptical; it could be a fake. Juliana doesn’t much care what he thinks because she believes showing the film to others will convince a large enough number of them to fight back against the Japanese and the Reich. When even Hawthorne is unconvinced, she tells them she is having memories of parallel worlds. She also tells them about the portal the Nazis are making and why they must stop it.

To do that, she’s going to need help and Wyatt reluctantly agrees. He drops her at St. Teresa’s while he goes into Denver to get new papers for her to travel in the Reich undetected. St. Teresa’s is only somewhat welcoming. Earlier, Lyla had barely been able to turn away two bounty hunters. When Juliana shows up, she agrees to let her stay one night only.

Right away, Juliana sees Frank and cautiously approaches him, like she’s seeing a ghost. They tearfully embrace. Walking through the town together, Juliana is pleased to learn the posters she’s seen all over San Francisco were designed by Frank. She tells him about her plan to show the film to the community. Before they can really discuss it, Ed and Juliana see each other and happily hug it out. “Hey Frank,” Ed calls. “I found her!”

Juliana does manage to show the film to Lyla, who doesn’t believe it’s real. Juliana asks for the chance to show the rest of the community and to ask for their help changing their reality. While Lyla thinks it over, Juliana, Ed, and Frank reminisce around the dinner table. Frank tells her she was right about everything. When they’re alone, she tries to persuade him to leave with her but he says he can’t. They kiss and decide to pretend for that night that it’s like old times.  

In Denver, Wyatt makes contact with a member of the Reich who can provide fake papers for Juliana. To make sure the contact doesn’t turn Juliana in (everyone and their Fuhrer are looking for her), Wyatt threatens him and his family. Sampson watches this interaction from a nearby table. The two bounty hunters from earlier stroll into the bar and up to a man who they know is Jewish, despite what he says. They shoot him point blank.

Nightmares and Making Whoopie

Things are getting very personal at therapy. Dr. Ryan asks Helen if she and John are having sex and she stutteringly replies that they haven’t been in the mood since Thomas died. Dr. Ryan is understanding but says she deserves to be loved… and then they start making out on his couch! Helen snaps out of the daydream (or memory??) and finds herself at the dinner table with her daughters.

Helen is definitely feeling distant from her husband. Where before she probably felt they were standing on a precarious ledge together, now it seems he’s out on that ledge by himself. John is shown a model for the portal the Reich is developing to travel from their world to another. They’re even testing their prototype on human volunteers but no one has been successful yet. John wonders aloud about traveling as Fatima did, by sheer willpower.

John receives a late night call from Himmler. When John reports that Joe had orders to kill Tagomi too, Himmler confirms that order came from him but has since been rescinded. John seems relieved. After the call, he falls asleep watching the films and dreams of fishing off a dock with Thomas. As soon as John snags a fish, Thomas disappears and John reels in his catch alone. It’s Alice’s body. Other bodies float to the surface too. John wakes suddenly.

During her next session with Dr. Ryan, Helen is given a prescription for some good ol’ fashion lovin’. Ok, she is prescribed something to help her sleep but Dr. Ryan also tells her sex with her husband is important too. Helen nearly tells Dr. Ryan about what we now know was a daydream but wisely decides not to. She does, however, touch his arm as she leaves.

That evening, Helen and John discuss their lives and she remarks on all of the good things they have. He replies, “I didn’t ask for any of it.” Helen reminds him that he has always done everything to keep them safe and that she has faith in whatever he’s struggling with now. She holds his hand, rubbing it and kissing it. She gives him the LookTM. She invites him to sleep in the bed with her rather than in the film room alone. Somehow all of this does not lead to a shirtless Rufus Sewell scene. GET A CLUE, JOHN.

Everything is Coming Up Kido

As punishment for sharing classified files with the Nazis, Kido has Nakamura beaten and tired to a pole out in the yard. Then Kido and a succession of soldiers stab him with their bayonets.

With Nakamura dead, Kido meets with his contact instead, who looks suitably petrified to have the Chief Inspector show up. Kido blackmails him into creating a false identity so that he (Kido) can travel in the Neutral Zone covertly. That night, Tagomi visits Kido and asks him not to hand Juliana over to the Reich if she is found. Kido agrees but in return wants an explanation about how Trudy came back from the dead. Tagomi explains that the Trudy he arrested was from a different world, just like the Bikini Atoll film they used to hold off the Reich last season.

Kido looks understandably stunned by this news but that’s not even the biggest bombshell Tagomi has to drop. He confesses to being a traveler between worlds and he had one of their scientists study the information on the portal the Nazis are building. Tagomi tells Kido the Reich plans to invade and conquer all of the parallel worlds and Juliana is trying to stop them.

After finding his shop taken over by a Japanese family, Childan spends all of his money on giving a prostitute a makeover so she resembles a geisha. He takes so long, he runs out of enough money to pay her and the next morning, two thugs beat him up for underpaying the woman. Childan returns again to his shop and forces his way in. The new resident phones the police and that’s how he ends up tied to a chair in Kido’s custody. Kido questions him about Ed and Childan immediately tells him where Ed is staying in the Neutral Zone. Because of course he does.

Stray Observations:

  • If Kido had asked anything about Frank, I guarantee Childan would’ve told him that too.
  • There is a certain look in John’s eyes when watching the films and learning about the portal that makes me think he is going to try to travel himself. The desire to see his son again would probably produce enough willpower if he can harness it.
  • Nicole grieves for Joe, explaining to Thelma that he was like family. Which is kind of gross because they were sleeping together. Later in bed,  Thelma says she’s falling in love but Nicole cautions her not to “lose her head.”
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