Everyone Is A Bit Feeling “Blocked” On The Flash This Week

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Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, we got off to a strong start. Not a DeVoe in sight, for one. Ralph wasn’t annoying for two. See? We don’t ask for much here, people.

Quick refresher: Nora West-Allen came back in time to spend time with her dad. Barry, apparently, isn’t coming back about vanishing in 2024 during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Together, the two stop the villain of the week. Barry ends up asking Nora to stay a little while so they can make memories together. Awww.

Wally returned to his journey of self-discovery with Joe’s prompting. Ralph learned that the death certificate for Caitlin’s dad had been faked. Nora is making sure her dad doesn’t disappear during the crisis. Iris knows nothing about Barry’s not return.

Then there’s Cicada.

So let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Horror Show: Cicada returns to his lair, which is a locker room, following his fight with Gridlock. It’s just as creepy as you could imagine. We see how he absorbed Gridlock’s powers during the encounter and the put him down. As he puts away his lightning bolt dagger, one of his eyes takes on a weird glowing. Nora comes clean about the faux negative tachyons and what happened to Barry following the crisis. Iris wants to try to change the future. Once everyone disperses, Joe and Iris talk a little bit. Iris knows why things seem tense with her and Nora. Joe tells Iris that Nora will reach out to her at some point. She just needs to give her time. Cecile, meanwhile, is starting to lose her powers. Cisco, meanwhile, is not talking his break-up with Gypsy well, especially since he’s having echoes of her thanks to his powers. Caitlin and Ralph are going to try to get Cisco over the break-up. Another meta attacks someone named Bobby, killing him by crushing him to death in a special forcefield box. Gross.

Boxed: Barry and Singh are at the crime scene, when Nora appears pretending to be a new CSI intern. They realize that the weird flesh cube there is a whole person instead. Iris overhears Singh talking about Gridlock’s murder. He gives her the details off the record. At his office, Ralph and Caitlin presents the rules for getting over the love of your life. Cisco is not really feeling this, but Caitlin wants to help Cisco after her own romantic woes. Iris goes to interview one of the guards that was attacked by Cicada. He tells her that he doesn’t remember being attacked, but when he came to Gridlock was stabbed and beaten. Cecile returns to tell Joe that she wants to use the Mental Dampener on Jenna. She feels a bit sad to lose the telepathic connection with Jenna. Joe, however, doesn’t want to use the Dampener on the baby. Cecile thinks the telepathy could make her a perfect parent, but now is scared she can’t live up to it. Joe validates her feelings, but remains firm on not using the Dampener. Nora and Barry get a name on the meta, Vanessa Jansen, who is a gang member. Nora wants to go take down the bad guys with her dad. The dead gun runner’s brother shows up to where Vanessa is, coming for revenge. Nora and Barry show-up, but Nora tries to take the initiative. It ends with Vanessa getting away after she tosses Nora in one of her force field boxes.

Compressed: Nora is totally fine, but Cisco is spacing out. He’s so depressed that he can’t come up with a clever name for Vanessa. They can’t do anything but wait, so Ralph and Caitlin go to help Cisco cheer up. Barry, meanwhile, is taking Nora back to basics with her powers. Ralph introduces Cisco to Bruce, his personal stylist for a post break-up makeover. Cisco and Ralph try to move things along with death certificate, but Caitlin stops them. Barry tries to teach Nora, but that she doesn’t want the textbook stuff. She wants to learn what he does with his powers. She tries to show him how she throws lightning, but ends up hitting him instead. He’s fine, but she’s feeling discouraged. At CCPD, Iris accesses the footage from the Gridlock attack with Barry’s computer.

Parenting: Barry goes to Joe for some advice with his issues on Nora. Joe reminds Barry that Nora sees him as someone larger than life. He tells Barry that no one can be perfect out of the gate and that he just needs to show Nora he’ll always love her. It also seems like good advice for Cecile, who is listening in. She kisses Joe and goes to handle a crying Jenna, sans powers. Caitlin stares at a giant cinnamon bun at Jitterz where Cisco finds her. He asks her about her dad’s death certificate. Caitlin doesn’t want to know that her dad just left her and her mother. Cisco reads the last step on Ralph’s list and accepts that fact. He tells Caitlin that there are only some truths you can hide from for so long, but it’s not too late for Caitlin to change things with her dad. Cisco encourages her to face the truth rather than spending the rest of her life wondering. Barry shows Nora some of his epic fails over the years. He then tells her that sometimes, with their powers, the most impressive thing is restraint. The gun runner returns with a whole arsenal to take out Vanessa, definitely not good.

Under Pressure: Barry and Nora are listening to the police scanner to find out where Vanessa is. The lack of satellite is definitely killing them. Iris thinks about finding her by using the weather doppler to track her. They are able to get the gun runner and his goonies out of the way. Barry uses his tornado arms to tire her, but she traps him in the cube. She begins closing the walls in on him before Nora realizes that Vanessa gets tired. She tires out and then gets the cuffs on her. Ralph and Cisco arrive a moment after getting the cuffs on her. Before they can get her out, however, Cicada uses his lightning bolt to stab her in the back. Uh-oh. Barry sends Nora off to a hospital with Vanessa. Cicada uses his lightning bolt to absorb their powers. He proceeds to beat the crap out of Barry, Cisco, and Ralph. Cisco tries to make a grab for the bolt. Iris recognizes the sound, telling Barry to get out. The appearance of Nora, calling for her dad, gets Cicada to back off as the sirens sound in the distance. Caitlin looks over the wounds made from Cicada’s dagger, saying it was highly concentrated dark matter. Cisco makes the offer to vibe for her dad, which shows her mother forged the certificates. Iris shows them footage from Gridlock’s transport. They hear the mouth breathing from Cicada. Nora recognizes who it is, naming him Cicada.

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