Everyone Has To Deal With The “Fallout” On Supergirl For Better Or For Worse

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

We had a strong start with the season four premiere last week. Hopefully, the trend can continue on as Kara and the world deal with the fallout of the reveal of the President’s alien heritage. This should be fun.

Outside of that shocker last week, we saw Agent Liberty lead his anti-alien charge with the help of Mercy and Otis Graves, starting with outing the President. J’onn’s pacifist lifestyle and new perspective put him at odds with Kara, meaning they’ll have to relearn their relationship. Brainy and Alex are trying to get into the groove of working together. While Lena secretly handles James’ impending indictment for his activities as Guardian by giving the DA a much bigger fish to fry, courtesy of her clueless mother. Kara steps into a mentorship role with cub reporter Nia Nal, who is adorable and we love her. Kara also learned about the massive wave of anti-alien hate across the nation and the position of privilege she enjoys for passing as human.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

At War: Outside the White House, the two warring factions (pro and anti alien) are at it. Inside, Kara meets with President Marsdin, who is resigning amidst the revelations. She gives Kara some parting advice, asking her to be a beacon of hope to all. The tensions rise outside and the two sides start fighting. Kara has to save them all when she has to grab the flag. In the DEO, Alex has to break up a fight between a couple of agents. Kara believes she can still reach Alex, but Alex thinks otherwise. The anti-alien wave is growing, according to her and spreading across the country. At LCorp, Mercy begins Phase 2 by strangling one of the employees and taking his laptop. James has the rest of Catco working on various stories about the President. Nia wants to know if Jams will write an editorial on the President, but he wants to focus on facts over opinions. Alex’s interrogation of Otis gets him to admit that he and Mercy have a partner, which she tells Kara who heads over to LCorp to talk with Lena. (He also mentions the dispersal device they used against the Daxamites, not good.) Mercy returns to Agent Liberty, who is worried about the problem Kara poses. She reveals that she got them Kryptonite as an insurance policy.

Management: Kara comes to visit Lena at the office where they have a little chat. She tells Kara that she doesn’t have much faith in politicians, but commends President Marsdin for stepping down. She then asks for the files on Mercy, which Lena agrees to give. At the DEO, J’onn comes in for help finding his friend, but Alex is distracted with what’s going on in the world and the DEO. Brainy tries to calm her in his own unique way, but goes to get pizza in efforts to calm things down. He runs into Nia at the pizza place where she is trying to get espresso after an all-nighter. Back at LCorp, Kara reads over Mercy’s extensive file while talking with Lena about her own history with the woman. It turns out that Lena saw Mercy as an older sister, who took her under her wing. She admits to feeling abandoned when Mercy left. Eve, who is now Lena’s assistant, comes in to tell her that the lead programmer on the image inducers is dead and the mainframe is being hacked in from his laptop. Mercy’s disabling the image inducers, which affects Brainy at the pizza place. It almost descends into the pizza guys attacking him, but Nia steps in and stands her ground. Lena, thankfully, is able to stop the hack from Mercy taking down every alien’s image inducers, which would cause even greater chaos.

Traitor: Lena puts a lockdown on the cloud to protect the image inducers. At the pizza place, Nia promises the owner she will rain down the wrath of Catco on him. She then calls the owner the traitor. Outside, Brainy and Nia talk a little and she tells him her name. Nia then talks with James about what happened and her own experiences as a transgender woman. James wants to wait and not editorialize until the right moment. The way to reach others is through balanced reporting, but Nia wants to do justice. Honestly, we’re with Nia at this point. At the DEO, Brainy is still shaken up over what happened, but doesn’t share it with Alex. He does, however, figure out that Mercy will try to get at the image inducers from LCorp directly. Mercy stuns everyone with the sonic device. Kara is stuck with Lena and Eve. She’s unable to go sneak off to be Supergirl. I’s using her powers in a very sneaky manner with Lena and Eve nearby. Alex has a DEO team sent along the way, but Lena heads downstairs with Kara to her secret lab. It turns out that Mercy wants the bigger gun from Lex’s exo suit. Mercy wants Lena to join her, choose a side. Lena, however, will never choose one. She and Mercy fight and Kara can finally sneak off to change costumes. She has Mercy after like five seconds.

Metastasizing: Alex and Kara gloat a bit over the captured Graves twins. They, however, gloat that hate and fear have invaded hearts and minds. Alex, however, believes Kara can change them. At Catco, a hurtful “prank” leads James to taking a side, in his own company anyway. Mercy and Otis, meanwhile, start to prey on new Agent Jensen. Meanwhile, J’onn finds a cop that his friend Fiona was investigating. They talk a little bit. Brainy and Alex talk about what happened at the pizza parlor. He tells Alex that he knew about the unrest, but he never expected it to hurt so much. Alex tells him next time that happens to send them her way. She sees Jensen look over at her. Kara, meanwhile, gives a speech to reach out to the world. It’s a pretty good speech, but it doesn’t seem to reach Agent Jensen. He stares at Brainy angrily before walking off. Kara goes to meet the new President and briefs him before he is sworn in. Alex tries to get an update from Jensen about Mercy and Otis, but they realize that the feed has been breached with a hologram. J’onn follows the officer to where Agent Liberty holds a rally. Otis, Mercy, and Jensen fix the lead dispersal unit to disperse Kryptonite and take Kara out. It sends her falling from the sky.


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