Doctor Who Recap: “The Woman Who Fell To Earth” Introduces Us To The Wonderful Thirteenth Doctor

After months of waiting, Doctor Who is finally back on our screens, and we finally got to feast our eyes on the wonderful Thirteenth Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker. The actress has been living her best life in the best past few months, getting us super excited and anxious to see her version of The Doctor finally come to life.

So much happened during Thirteen’s debut episode, aptly “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” as we were introduced to all of the major players and were thrown immediately into the thick of things.

Gather ’round and let us discuss this week’s episode!

Hello, Doctor: The episode starts off by introducing us to Ryan Sinclair, his grandmother Grace and her second husband Graham. Ryan is struggling with riding his bike and ends up tossing it away. He eventually goes back to get it but while searching for it, he touches a set of strange lights that appear, causing a blue pod to appear immediately afterward. As for Grace and Graham, they end up leaving Ryan to catch a train but it abruptly stops. Both they and another passenger, Karl, find themselves trapped onboard with a strange floating orb consisting of writhing tentacles and electricity. As for Ryan, he calls the police, receiving help from PC Yasmin “Yaz” Khan, an old school friend.  He also receives a call from Grace and Graham, which leads him and Yazmin to head for the train. The pair arrives at the train just as the Doctor suddenly falls through the ceiling of the train carriage. The Doctor then tries to stop the creature bu the creature hits everyone with an energy bolt and disappears.

Tick Tock: Karl ends up bailing but the others follow the Doctor, who has lost some of her memory and is dealing with her newly regenerated body. Much to her dismay, she finds out each of them has been implanted with a DNA bomb without a clue as to when they will be going off. Ryan then attempts to lead The Doctor and the others to the pod, but it has gone missing.  Thankfully, The Doctor tracks it down to a warehouse, where a second alien suddenly appears then disappears. As she attempts to get more information and help, The Doctor finds she is missing her sonic screwdriver to scan the pod’s remains, and quickly constructs another from spare parts.

Mind Swipe: The group eventually manages to find the creature, which the Doctor identifies it as a mass of Gathering Coils. The second alien also comes back, revealing himself as Tzim-Sha, who is currently hunting for Karl. The Doctor demands Tzim-Sha leave the planet, but instead he collects Karl’s data from the Coils and teleports away.

A Bittersweet Win:  The group manages to track down Karl to a construction yard where he works as a crane operator. They attempt to get him before Tzim-Sha can reach him which doesn’t work as Karl is grabbed. The Doctor, finally remembering who she is, orders Tzim-Sha to leave him or face being stranded on Earth. Tzim-Sha then reveals the bombs to the group but The Doctor surprises him by telling him she removed them upon finding the Coil and implanted them back into it, effectively causing him to implant his own bombs into his body when he downloaded its data. After Tzim-Sha activates the recall in mid-air, transporting himself away, Grace has Graham help her to destroy the Coil which was attacking the base of the crane, but she is critically injured as she falls from the structure.

Oops?: Following Grace’s funeral, the Doctor thanks the group and tells them she must leave to find the TARDIS. After finding some new clothes (YASS), The Doctor bids them goodbye and teleports away. Shortly afterwards, the Doctor finds Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin were brought along with her by accident when she teleported away.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below!

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