Black Lighting Returns In “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies” In Season 2 Premiere

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Black Lightning’s back!

It’s so thrilling to say those words again, isn’t it? After a stellar first season, Black Lightning has returned. While season one closed with things returning to normal in the Pierce household, season two practically guarantees that things won’t stay that way for long.

At the end of the first season, the Pierces have exposed the rogue A.S.A.’s nefarious plots. Jennifer has tentatively accepted her powers. Tobias Whale got some mystery suitcase. Green Light production has closed, for now, but who knows those long-term effects? (Also what was up with Lala?)

Well, it’s time to learn because this shows throws us in the deep end and expects us to keep up.

Time to let’s open the Book of Consequences and see what the first chapter holds.

Aftermath:  We open with cell phone video of a suspect “Green Light Baby”, Issa Williams, being killed by the cops. A church service declares that the police are using Green Light as an excuse for a “shoot first, ask questions” later kind of mentality. Jefferson is getting reamed out by the school board, who wants to keep the school closed and enact disciplinary action. Lynn is being interrogated over the pods. Her access to the pods are revoked when the agent declares her to be a liar. Anissa tells Jennifer that her powers are growing. She’s been floating in her sleep. Syonide hunts down someone who knows about the briefcase to bring her to Tobias. When she refuses, Syonide and her engage in a standoff. It’s clear that they are very closely matched. The mystery woman stabs Syonide in the throat with a shoe heel knife, telling her that she got her hair wet.

Wobble: Lynn and Jefferson talk about Jennifer’s powers going out of control. Jefferson thinks he can help her handle her powers. Lynn, however, thinks that Jennifer needs to go see a therapist. They need to consider the consequences for their girls. Jefferson thinks he can handle the school board. Lynn admits that the agent in charge knows she’s not being honest. Jefferson agrees with the agent, which angers Lynn. They’re not seeing eye to eye on anything right now, according to her. Kara goes to visit Gambi, who reveals herself to be a fellow spotter. She wants safe passage out of the life of the ASA in exchange for the safe passage. She tells him that Hell is in the briefcase. Jefferson argues with Napier over how the school board prioritizes treating the students like criminals over the necessary needs (books, teacher raises, etc). The preacher tells the congregation that they need to sue the government for the return of their loved ones. They need to raise $500k to recover those people. Jefferson and Anissa talk about the pods. Anissa wants to do more for the children. Jefferson, however, wants them to focus on handling Tobias Whale, once and for all. Jennifer and Lynn get in a fight where Jennifer accidentally uses her powers on her mother. She goes to hide out on the roof where Lynn finds her, comforting her. She promises they’ll figure it out.

Helpless: Lynn and Jefferson talk about Jennifer’s powers going out of control. Lynn reveals that she talked to Gambi to be placed in charge of those pods. The pair of them realized how this thing is tearing them apart. Lynn, however, says that she told him there would be consequences. Then she goes to take a drive. Anissa, wearing a mask and hoodie, goes to rob drug dealers in order to raise money for the people of Freeland. She also starts using her own vibrational powers a bit more to knock them out. Black Lightning meets with Deputy Chief Henderson, who reveals he’s figured out his identity. Jefferson takes off his mask. Henderson is, understandably, hurt and angry. He just walks away.

Shine A Light: Jefferson watches the talking heads get real about the effects of experimentation. Lynn returns to Jefferson’s pleasure. They watch the news together and talk it out. The two of them hold hands. He realizes that their daughters’ futures are so uncertain and feels so scared. He also tells Lynn that Henderson figured it out. Jefferson tells her that he was too tired to lie anymore. He doesn’t think that Henderson would ever want to talk to him again. Lynn thinks Jefferson should talk to someone as well. She even teases him a little bit and they get flirty. Anissa returns with the drug money to count it out and hides it in her closet. Gambi shares Kara’s offer with Jefferson. Khalil’s mother place is getting watched and Tobias is off the grid. Khalil, however, keeps contacting Jennifer. Anissa appears at the church to give them the money for the legal fees, to their delight.

Overload: The ASA drags Issa’s body out, who has apparently resurrected himself. His mother begins to say what she apparently really feels. Issa then runs away at the prompting about her sister. When Jennifer sees a video, her powers start to act up and she sends Keisha away. Lynn does another interview the agent in charge, Agent O’Dell, who promises he will figure her out. Jennifer is hiding out in the bathtub, unable to stop the electricity surrounding her body. Jefferson absorbs the excess energy from her, returning her to normal. He sits there, holding her, as Lynn and Anissa enter. The entire family sits on the bathroom floor together.

Decisions: The school board has voted to close Garfield High permanently. He offers to step down as principal instead. The media will eat him alive instead of the school board. Jefferson decides to save Garfield instead of his job. Issa Williams sits alone, while Lynn checks over the people in the pods. Anissa backs away the money for her latest drug den run. Jennifer sleeps: floating and glowing. Kara attempts to steal the briefcase from Tobias, who harpoons her and tortures her for killing Syonide. She gets a shot in and jumps out the window.

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