Arrow Offers An Unlikely Alliance In This Week’s Episode “Crossing Lines”

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This week’s episode of Arrow pushes our favorite characters to the brink. “Crossing Lines” has our heroes re-evaluating their ethics and morals, in order to get results.

After having approached Agent Samanda Watson about taking down Diaz, Felicity is ready to lead the team into the latest mission. She very firmly takes charge and tells Watson she needs to hold up her end of the deal that cost her husband his freedom.

Felicity also recruits Rene and Dinah and the four of them, disguised as FBI agents, make their way into a secure CDC facility, which holds a biochemical of interest to Diaz. Believing this to be the perfect moment to catch him he walks in with the Longbow Hunters, which complicates the situation.

They fight off against the trio, while keeping their focus on Diaz, who ultimately beats them to it and escapes, his biochemical in hand. While the mission gone rogue does not cost Watson her job, she does get demoted to a desk job far away from Star City for her interference.

Samanda believes that the Longbow Hunters have escaped after the mission as well, but Felicity and Rene were able to extract Silencer and now hold her in the basement of a warehouse. Diaz, on the other side of the city, injects himself with the biochemical which seems to eliminate any kind of pain, and give him super strength. Is this Mirakuru 2.0?

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In prison, Oliver, having held up his end of the deal, now waits for Brick to give him the information on Diaz he promised. Brick tricks him into believing a man called the Demon would meet with him, but his goons, led by Ben Turner, try to attack Oliver and take him down. Oliver defends himself and leaves Brick’s men worse for the wear in the process.

Oliver forces Turner to take him to Brick’s hideout, and the other man delivers. Oliver discovers that Brick, with the support of some prison guards, has run a secret fight club. Brick challenges a still injured Oliver to take on Derek Sampson, which Oliver begrudgingly does. He does not only beat Sampson, but also manages to surprise Brick and get his hands on him.

The other man tells him that the only way to the Demon is by gaining access to Level 2, a place for only the worst criminals. Oliver promptly takes that as his turn to attack and wound several guards, which ultimately finds him being handcuffed and lead away. Will he face the Demon? Who is behind the name?

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The episode also gives us another insight into Lyla and John’s new life working side by side at ARGUS. They continue to be devoted parents to their son, even if they are setting off to Zurich the next moment. In Switzerland they hack into a national bank with the help of Curtis, and under the pretence of wanting to safely store a precious painting with the bank.

They complete the mission and gain access to the bank’s data, but not without coming across some interference. Curtis voices his concern that someone duplicated the data during their transfer, which leads to John following his wife and catching her handing the data to a rather sketchy looking gentleman.

After confronting Lyla she tells John that she has discovered a money trail in the ARGUS system she wants to follow up on, but John accuses her of still keeping secrets from him.  While John believes he is being kept out of the loop, Lyla defends her actions by trying to protect him from the evils she has seen as ARGUS director.  She demands his trust, while he demands transparency.

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This week’s episode is all about crossing the line between what is wrong and what is right. Felicity crosses several lines this episode, not just by hacking her way into secure systems, but especially by using Agent Watson to her gain and lying to her about Silencer. In Oliver’s absence and Diggle’s neglect of the team she has taken over the role of the leader, and this week’s she comes into her own. She makes decisions, and she takes charge, and it is incredibly powerful to watch. Rickards always had the ability to lead the series, and this week she certainly got to prove that.

Lyla and John both cross a line in their marriage, by keeping secrets and by not trusting each other. Their relationship is tested time and time again by ARGUS’s influence on their lives. While we want to believe they are the perfect couple, their problems go deeper than it seems. No doubt they will find their way out of the situation, they always do, but their marriage is not without fault.

Oliver also crosses a line when he decides to embrace the darkness that prison holds. While it is a plot to gain access to the Demon, it is this week’s episode where we truly see Oliver lash out and lose some of his carefully constructed control. Will the Demon be able to push Oliver further?

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Favourite Lines

Felicity: “My husband spent the last six years fighting for the people of this city, risking everything and now he sits in prison, his life on the line, while this monster gets to walk free. That isn’t justice.”

Lyla: “I didn’t expect judgement from someone who spends so much time delivering justice in the shadows.”

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