American Horror Story: Apocalypse Recap: “Could It Be…Satan?” Delivers Some Epic Truth Bombs

After last week’s incredible episode, which gave us a first look at the return of everyone’s favorite Coven from the American Horror Story universe, this week’s episode gave us one incredible backstory as we learned how things got to be the way they are now in the post-apocalyptic world.

The episode starts off with Michael Langdon narrating a flashback. He shares how Mrs. Mead was the closest he had to a mother and he doesn’t know how she found him. As it turns out, the real Mrs. Mead is a Satan worshipper but that’s ok with Langdon as he felt happy and protected. He says this is why he needed to program robot Mead with real Mead’s memories because he never stopped trusting her.

His reminiscing is short-lived as he senses the witches that have arrived and the ones that were recently revived. The newly back from the dead witches have a lot of questions for the Supreme, which they do not receive answers to. They are only told that they are needed in a fight to survive. Their reunion is cut short by the arrival of Michael, who asks who they’re defeating when he has already won. Cordelia tells him that he hasn’t won, and they can still save the world. Micheal says when he is done, they will all be dead.

The confrontation then leads into another flashback, one which takes us to the warlock school (before it becomes Outpost 3), three years before the bomb. Ariel, the grand chancellor, along with three other men (hello, Billy Porter, Cheyenne Jackson, and BD Wong!) are at the meeting. Ariel tells the men that someone from the LAPD sent him video footage of Langdon being interrogated and killing a man with magic. John Henry tells Ariel that he is not a warlock no matter how much Ariel wants him to be and tells him that his powers are evil and that they should leave him alone. Ariel says his powers can be used for good and this is someone they have been waiting for and to remember the prophecy.

Shortly after their meeting, Ariel goes and visits Langdon in jail. He tells Langdon that his powers were impressive. As soon as Ariel tells Michael that he is a warlock, Michael turns around. Ariel tells Michael that all his life, he has had different feelings, impulses, moments of rage. Ariel asks him what he was thinking when the detective was hurting him in that interrogation. Michael says nothing. Ariel says that’s not true. Michael says he just wanted that guy away. Ariel asks Michael how he ended up in jail. Michael says he was defending the only person in his life that has never betrayed him, which leads to another flashback of Langdon killing a man in a deli. Ariel tells him his life is just beginning and uses his powers to open the jail cell door, subdue the guard (who is killed by Langdon), and takes Langdon with him, as Mrs. Mead looks on proudly.

Langdon and Ariel soon arrive at the warlock school, where Ariel gives him a history on it about how the school works. The boys are assigned a level, one through four, according to their talents and breadth of their powers. Ariel explains that a level four is as powerful as the female supreme which is what they call the Alpha. Langdon is then tasked to do a series of tests to determine which level he is at. At the last test, Micheal goes overboard, and Ariel forces him to stop before they all couldn’t breathe. Ariel and several of the council members are pleased with Langdon’s performance and determine he could be their Alpha.

Elsewhere, Zoe Benson is teaching witches at the Miss Robichaux’s Academy in New Orleans, where Mallory is one of the witches in the class. Mallory turns out to be rather special as she displays her powers to Cordelia and Zoe. Myrtle, however, interrupts and says that the warlock counsel has called for an emergency meeting. The ladies arrive at the warlock school where Ariel tells the coven that they discovered a boy and after doing many tests on him, they discovered he has powers that rise to the level of the Supreme. Cordelia asks if it is actually true and mentions a boy has never reached that level, and women and men are not equal in magic power (BURN).

Ariel then says he wants Cordelia to conduct the Seven Wonders test on this boy, to which she declines to do so as she lost one of her most promising witches, Misty Day, to the Seven Wonders and she won’t be making that mistake again. Ariel then brings up rather crudely how Cordelia failed to save Queenie as well, which leads to yet another flashback showing how Cordelia was unable to save her. Cordelia says that Queenie was missing, she traveled to Los Angeles and never came back. She says that when she found out she was trapped at the Hotel Cortez, she went back to go help her out but couldn’t due to the hotel’s curse. Cordelia says that was her biggest failure as Supreme.

Unfortunately for Cordelia, Langdon hones in on this via a trance and then next thing we know he’s barging into the room that Queenie and March are in, playing cards. March asks who he is. Michael tells them his name and to come with him. He opens the front doors of the Cortez and Queenie is able to leave.

Langdon makes another stop, this time to save Madison Montgomery who is trapped in her own personal hell as a retail store worker. Madison doesn’t think Langdon is for real when he shows up but then ends up begging him to go with him when she sees Queenie is with him.

Back at the warlock school, Cordelia, Myrtle, and Zoe are seen to be exiting the premises. As they’re leaving, however, Madison, Queenie, and Langdon arrive. Their arrival causes Cordelia to faint as the episode ends.

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