American Horror Story – Apocalypse Recap: An Old Friend And Sister Returns To The Coven In “Boy Wonder”

Things are heating up on American Horror Story: Apocalypse as the battle between the Coven and the Warlocks is reaching its breaking point. More was revealed during this week’s episode “Boy Wonder” as we continued to get details as to why the whole world came to end and why the witches are hell-bent on stopping Michael Langdon in the post-apocalyptic world.

Something Scary This Way Comes: Things immediately picked up where we left off with Cordelia passing out. While passed out, she experiences a vision of a burnt and desolate world and then is attacked and devoured by a mob of disease-ridden cannibals while a man with a demonic face laughs. Cordelia eventually wakes up, greets Madison and Queenie and tells the coven and the warlocks of her dreams. She also agrees to administer the Seven Wonders for Michael Langdon so that he may rise to Supreme.

Hello, Coco: Back in New Orleans, Myrtle tells Cordelia off for allowing a man to take the position of Supreme, claiming that men make terrible leaders. She wants Cordelia to pick one of their own like Mallory, who successfully healed the wounds of a dead deer. Cordelia tells Myrtle she is dying as her powers are fading, which means a new Supreme is rising. The ladies are interrupted as it is time to meet a new witch, Coco, who can sense where danger is hidden, which manifests as the unimpressive skill of detecting gluten in food (insert flashback of super elitist women from Cali wanting her help to stay skinny). Coco believes that coming to Miss Robichaux’s is a waste of time, but Cordelia assures her that her powers will develop and grow.

Burn, Baby, Burn: Back at the Hawthorne School, the council casts a protection spell for Langdon in preparation for the Seven Wonders. John Henry, however, becomes fearful and leaves the school to go to New Orleans after facing off with Behold. Unfortunately for him, he never makes it to New Orleans as he runs into Ms. Mead, who slices his tendons and burns him to death. Mead then meets up with Langdon outside the School where she confirms Moore is dead. Langdon says these people are the only ones that can pose a threat to him. Mead reveals to Langdon that she had help, which arrives in the shape of Ariel, revealing that he was the one that let her know when he was leaving.

A Bittersweet Victory: Much to Cordelia’s chagrin, Langdon successfully passes six of the Seven Wonders. Before performing the seventh, descending to and returning from the underworld, Cordelia asks Michael to not only return but to retrieve fellow witch Misty Day to see the extent of his powers. This change causes Ariel to angrily accuse Cordelia of changing the rules in order for Michael to fail. Cordelia then proceeds to epically remind Ariel that she is still Supreme, and he better get in line (SAVAGE!). Langdon agrees to the challenge. He travels to Hell and locates Misty and comes back with Misty materializing beside him. Cordelia, after experiencing a nosebleed, proclaims Langdon the next Supreme.

The Gypsy Witch Is Back: As Cordelia recovers, Misty confides in her that she should have been left where she was. Misty tells Cordelia that the evil within Hell appeared to speak to Langdon, who apparently negotiated for Misty’s release. Cordelia is not worried as she not only has proof that Langdon is evil but also now has all her sisters back so she can fight him. To celebrate Misty’s return, Cordelia brings in Stevie Nicks (“Hello, witches”) who gives a special performance of “Gypsy” for Misty. While everyone is enjoying Stevie’s performance, Cordelia pulls Madison to the side to task her with getting more information on Langdon. The ladies are interrupted by Behold, who apparently is also getting bad vibes from Langdon and wants in on their plan to get more information. Apparently, the plan is to go “where it all began”, according to Cordelia: the Murder House.

AHS: Apocalypse continues to deliver with this season as this episode gave us a little bit of everything and definitely reminded us of how good this show can truly be when it is at the top of its game. And this season, it is truly bringing its A game with top-notch performances by Cody Fern and Sarah Paulson. Really also loving the nostalgic feels with the return of Misty Day and the surprising visit of Stevie Nicks.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below!

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