Agent Liberty Prepares For War In New Supergirl Promo

Credit: The CW

Supergirl returns on Sunday, October 14th, kicking off its fourth season.

With it comes a new hero, courtesy of Nicole Maines, and a new recurring villain, courtesy of Smallville alum Sam Witwer. Witwer’s Agent Liberty is creating the ashes of CADMUS into something new.

Something ready for war.

In a brand new promo for the show, we get a good look at the bad guy and his modus operandi. The writers’ room seems to be using him as an allegory for the real-world immigration debate and racial divisiveness in the States.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, showrunners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner discussed the season.

Quller said, “One of the things that we love about Supergirl is the ability to reflect real-life issues that are going on in the world and explore them, and our show is all about inclusion and representation. There is so much division in our world. I think that most of us who read the newspapers are grappling with these issues every day. Robert and I, at the beginning of the season, thought that it would be very empowering for us to kind of look at the issues we’re all dealing with through the lens of Supergirl, who’s such a hopeful character and represents compassion and help and hope for all.”

It’s not surprising that Queller and Rovner want to use the show in order to tackle these issues. For decades, comics have been doing just that. The social commentary is also moving toward the various adaptations of those comics. Black Lightning, for example, is killing the game for that reason.

As for finding the balance between getting political, but maintaining focus on the show, Rovner said, “[So,] we really want to make sure we’re representing all sides of the issues that we’re discussing so that it doesn’t become one-sided, because at the end of the day, Supergirl helps and rescues people regardless of the political side that they’re on.”

Queller clarified what they meant by looking at things from both side.

“For instance, we are working hard to explain in later episodes why our villain Agent Liberty became a villain and what his history, roots and backstory is, which does not excuse his actions, but if you kind of go deeper and look at the full portrait of a human being and understand why they behave the way they do, then maybe that’s a way to bridge the divide. You can’t reach someone if you don’t ”

So why is Liberty such a dangerous villain for Kara to face? Well if Kara represents the hope, then he represents the fear.

“I think because he preys on people’s fear — fear of what they don’t understand — and I think the movement that he’s creating is not something she can win in a battle. It’s not about punching him, because he’s just a human man. It’s about finding a way to combat what he’s doing — creating this division in our country and this fear among a good part of the population of what the aliens are doing to this country,” Rovner said.

Supergirl airs Sundays 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim