4YE’s TV Reels Feels For September 23rd To September 30th

Fall TV season has arrived, and we couldn’t be happier as our faves are back!

This week gave us so much to feast on, to cry over, and to wonder about what is going to happen next.

Check out our picks for this week’s TV Reels Feels!

Top Performer

Clare: Chrissy Metz’ Kate somehow always manages to just hit me with the feels and all the emotional stuff extra hard. So much of what she’s feeling and dealing with, I’ve been there to varying extents, and this week was so painful, and yet so cathartic. Her desire for a child, her fears and disappointments with IVF and then all that compounded with her birthday and having to get through  birthday brunch, Metz beautifully captured all that Kate was feeling.

Bec: I’m going to give it to Lyric Ross from This Is Us. In a cast of amazing talents, she emerged as someone to watch in season two. In season three, she continues strong. I can’t wait to see where she goes next.

Emmy:  I’m straying from the group and giving my choice to Cody Fern from AHS: Apocalypse. Fern continues to be quite the revelation week after week with his performance as Michael Langdon. The way he manages to make us love and hate him at the same time is incredible, and his chilling delivery of Langdon’s god-awful (in a good way) lines is on point.

Top Episode

Clare: AHS: Apocalypse has been so well written this season. The plot is engaging, the characters (minus Timothy and Emily) are all interesting and fascinating and some of the oneliners have been so perfect. I know I’m heading for disappointment (though fervently praying it’s not the case) but each episode to date has surpassed the previous and this week’s “Forbidden Fruit” continues the trend. Standout performances this week from Cody Fern, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Billie Lourd, loved all the cultural weight with the red apple plot, and the ending was everything we’ve been waiting and hoping for with the return of the witches. I’m so looking forward to next week.

Bec: If you’re a fan of animation like I am, then go and check out Netflix’s Hilda. Not only is it gorgeously animated and acted, but it also has elements of cozy creepiness like you’ll find in things such as ParaNorman or Gravity Falls. It’s delightful, full of magical realism, and character that doesn’t let anything get her down. There’s not a bad episode in the 13-episode first season. The one that rose as my favorite is “Chapter 3: The Bird Parade”.

Emmy: I decided to give Netflix’s Maniac a try this week based on a recommendation, and the first episode,”The Chosen One”, has to be my pick because it blew my mind as far as setting up the series is concerned. I barely recognized Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in the episode because the two of them nailed their performances as Owen and Annie, two people who are seriously off their rockers. The concept of stepping into a different life in order to cure your inner demons is quite the ambitious idea, and it makes me wonder what else will be going on in this series.

Top Moment

Clare: The moment we have been waiting a very long three episodes for occurred in the dying seconds of AHS: Apocalypse’s “Forbidden Fruit”… the return of the witches, and the only way this momentous occasion could have been better was if they returned with the backing of Fleetwood Mac’s “Seven Wonders” (see tweet below). The timing, the setting, the build-up, the sheer epicness of the whole sequence, not to mention the final reveal of who the witches were in Outpost 3. “Surprise bitch!”

Bec: Honestly, that reveal that Chimney was going on the hot firefighter calendar over Buck and Diaz was a great capper before things all went to hell with the earthquake on 9-1-1. Actually kudos to the special effects and set people for how realistic that thing looked. Snaps for you, 9-1-1.

Emmy: Please see Clare’s choice above as it is also my choice.


Clare: There were so many great quotes in this week’s AHS: Apocalypse, but seriously, we cannot go past Madison Montgomery’s classic: “”Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”

Bec: “I’m gonna do something really great with my life, and you’re gonna miss it, and my mom’s gonna miss it too; but I met this people. They think I’m exceptional, that’s a word they use about me, and they actually want me.” -Deja (Lyric Ross), This Is US

Emmy: “Happy Halloween, bitch!” – Brock (Billy Eichner), AHS: Apocalypse


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