4YE Fright Nights: 13 Spooky [Not Scary] Things To Enjoy This Halloween

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Halloween is upon us, my fellow ghouls!

As always, it’s the spookiest time of the year. The majority of us absolutely revel in it. Pumpkin carving, hayrides, reading by the fireside, getting out Halloween costumes, it’s all fantastic. For your typical scaredy cat such as myself, it is also the season for horror.

Horror movies, haunted houses, haunted hayrides, endless horror all around waiting to terrify me and others into turning off the lights.

So for those of you that like the atmosphere of spooky without the general terror, then here are 13 Spooky [Not Scary] Things to Enjoy This Season. From movies to books to television shows, we’re covering it all.


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Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

This horror-comedy novel by Cantero is a wonderfully weird read. Following the adults of a former Scooby Doo-esque mystery solving gang, these former meddling kids return to their last case. The real twist, however, is that there really was a monster rather than a shady real estate guy behind it. Now, these adult meddling kids have to stop an apocalyptic event that would give Lovecraft the chills. The humor and shifting style balances any actual horror nicely. This is a book to read with the lights off.

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Christopher Moore

Honestly, Moore is an author with a number of books that can satisfy any sort of spooky itch. He’s written about vampires, demons, and death merchants. They’re all populated with bizarre characters, a wry tone, and amazingly hilarious situations. I have never gone to bed scared after reading a book by Moore. If you’re looking for a book for the Halloween season, then we recommend picking up Bloodsucking Fiends or A Dirty Job. They’re filled with the aforementioned vampires and death merchants, respectively.

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The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

The town of Sunnybrook doesn’t have cheerleaders anymore. Not since they all died, that is. The book definitely invokes a Riverdale sort of vibe. Monica, the younger sister of the last dead cheerleader, starts to unravel the truth about what happened five years ago. The book is full of twists from all sides that leads to a wonderfully chilling mystery. This may not be a “Halloween” book, but it is perfect to read for the season.


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Spell on Wheels by Kate Leth and Megan Levens

This miniseries from author Kate Leth (Hellcat) and artist Megan Levens follows three young witches on the East Coast who go on a road trip to track down whoever stole their belongings. The cast is wonderfully diverse and fun. The magic is interesting and different. The story moves along at a great pace. The relationship between the characters makes the story work. There’s some creepy moments, but no real scares. Given the abundance of witches as of late, this is definitely a book that a witch fan should definitely pick up.

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Kim Reaper by Sarah Graley

Full of adorable art and a sweet love story, Graley’s Kim Reaper is a sweet sort of gothic romance. The titular Kim is a part-time reaper in order to pay for university. Becka, meanwhile, has a super intense crush on Kim and accidentally follows her into the Underworld. The two of them have to fight the very forces of the Underworld in order to keep things kosher. Maybe even get a smooch for their troubles. It’s absolutely adorable, wonderfully funny, and has a cute goth love story.


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The Monster Squad

This 1980s cult classic comes from writer Shane Black and director Fred Dekker. It follows a group of kids as the try to stop classic horror movie monsters from starting the Apocalypse. It’s pretty much a cult classic: full of wonderful one-liners and its own documentary. The film is definitely something to be experienced rather than terrified. If you love The Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s camp this time of year, then check out Monster Squad. 

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Justice League Dark

If you’re a fan of Matt Ryan’s Constantine, then check out this movie. Based on the popular, mystically minded Justice League Dark series, the best of the supernatural characters (and Batman) gather together when people start hallucinating monsters. Characters include Zatanna and Deadman, even Swamp Thing makes an appearanceit’s amazing to watch. While there is some horror imagery in the film, it’s not very terrifying. Just a little gross from time to time.


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Sometimes, the most terrifying things are the ones that humans did all by themselves. Lore explores just that. It follows how folklore today can be inspired by the past and grows overtime. Host Aaron Mahnke weaves some chilling stories in his very soothing, even tone. I wouldn’t call the podcast scary, though it is definitely unnerving at times. I honestly do prefer it to the Amazon anthology series inspired by it.

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Love legends, mythology, and lore? Love mixed drinks? This is the podcast for you, my friends. Sit back with our hosts Julia and Amanda as they discuss a new story, omen, or character each week. These come from all over the world, too. We’re not just talking about the cocktails either. The easy back and forth between the hosts makes it feel less creepy and more like just talking with friends.


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The Addams Family

The Addams Family is one of those classic 60s sitcoms. Surrounded in the bizarre and macabre, the family sticks out like a sore thumb. The joke of it is that they are perfectly well-adjusted in their own way. It’s just fun to watch, even decades later. Plus Gomez and Morticia remain relationship goals forever and ever.

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Who knew a series about the Devil could be so funny and so emotionally affecting as Lucifer? Inspired by the comics of the same name from DC, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) settles on Earth for his retirement. Five years in, he meets Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) who mysteriously makes him mortal. While Lucifer works with the LAPD to solve cases, he’s often dealing with some supernatural crisis or another behind the scenes. The show has a dedicated fanbase. It was recently saved by Netflix and is filming its fourth season. If you like procedurals and fantasy, but don’t like getting scared, then this is the show for you.

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Midnight, Texas

This series, based on the books by True Blood author Charlene Harris, recently had its second season debut. It’s also absolutely bonkers, but in the best way. In a literal one stoplight town, psychic Manfred (François Arnaud) tries to outrun his ghosts and settle down. Full of witches, vampires, and angels, the town calls for those wanting to hide from the world. They also make their own little family as well, which is so sweet.


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Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural

Hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, this is easily the most popular series from Buzzfeed. The show follows Bergara and Madej as they discuss and investigate various paranormal experiences and places. From an ongoing series of the existence of ghosts to searching for the mysterious mothman to ancient aliens, these two have covered a lot of ground. They recently entered their fifth season of the Supernatural edition of the series. (The True Crime version recently wrapped its fourth season.) Bergara and Madej’s rapport, however, makes the series. Sometimes, you just want to hear two bros crack jokes or rag on each other in some weird situations.


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