Wynonna Is Caught In A Neverending Loop Trying To “Undo It” This Week On Wynonna Earp

Credit: Syfy

Previously, there was a big gay attempt at a nice dinner, Bulshar resurrected Constance, the gang found out what Bulshar was after, and Wynonna and Doc ended the episode in a bit of a Bulshar pickle.

This week got a little loopy. Well, time loopy.

Way Haught Ring Adventure

The episode starts with Waverly and Nicole trying and failing to get Bulshar’s ring off Waverly’s finger. Out of desperation, Waverly suggests bolt cutters and sends Nicole out to the barn to get them.

Nicole doesn’t get the bolt cutters because when she gets out to the barn, the door is locked and Doc and Wynonna are inside having sex. When Nicole starts to walk away, she senses something and we see Bulshar behind her.

At the Sheriff station, Waverly and Nicole call a jeweler to help Waverly get the ring off. He tries using a small saw to get it off and it doesn’t come off, but the attempt causes the markings on the band to show up. The jeweler recognizes the word “Paradise” on the band and he tries stop Waverly and Nicole from leaving when Nicole gets a call about a disturbance at the Gardner house.

When Nicole and Waverly get to the Gardner house, instead of finding Kate, they find Mercedes! She has her face back (a little scratched up) and is trying to get into a safe that Tucker changed the lock to. Nicole helps her get into the safe and Mercedes gets excited to see her money again.

They see they have company and it’s the creepy Revenant jeweler, who’s there for the ring so he can pay fealty to Bulshar. He threatens to kill Mercedes and Nicole and we find out that the ring does more than give super punch abilities when Waverly burns the jeweler’s face.

After the jeweler is taken care of, Waverly is ready to chop off her finger, but is stopped by Nicole, who suggests demon magic to get it off and they decide to call Jeremy. Jeremy beats them to it.

Personal Hells

In the beginning of the episode, Doc and Wynonna are cuddling post-sex and don’t seem to have a care in the world, like what’s up with Bulshar. They go to sleep and we see Bulshar and his minions are in the barn with Doc and Wynonna. Not only that, Wynonna and Doc are sitting up, fully clothed, in some kind of trance. It seems that whatever Bulshar blew at them at the end of last episode caused them to fall into the trance and hallucinate.

Doc and Wynonna hallucinate walking through the woods and having a conversation about their relationship. Peacemaker buzzes and it helps to knock Wynonna out of the trance. She tries to wake Doc up but can’t. We see that Bulshar is actually taking them somewhere in the woods and Wynonna is able to take out a couple of his men, but then he blows more spores at her.

Wynonna wakes up in the Shorty’s basement. When she walks upstairs, she finds herself walking downstairs into the main bar area. Before she can get to the bar, she is shot with an arrow.

Wynonna wakes up in the basement again, but this time she can see a projection of Doc’s face on some crates. Doc tells her he can’t move, but he doesn’t know where he is. She tells him she’s going to find him and leaves, but gets killed again.

Wynonna goes through multiple resets and loops, with a different death each time before finally making it out of Shorty’s and into the Homestead.

She starts stomping around and Doc tells her he can feel it and they realize he’s under the floorboards, slowly being buried alive. Wynonna goes out to the barn to get a crowbar and runs into Bobo, who tries to attack her. She kills him and resets in the barn and we once again see that she has been through the loop a lot.

Doc suggests doing something else and Wynonna goes in without Peacemaker and tries asking Bobo for help, but it doesn’t work and they kill each other and everything resets.

Wynonna makes one last attempt and is able to get the crowbar because Bobo is no longer in the barn. When she walks out of the barn, Bulshar is there standing in front of a door. She finds out what he wants… Peacemaker, given to him willingly. Wynonna then rescues Doc.

When they get outside, Bulshar tells them they’ve won and that he can’t keep them there. Wynonna shoots him. Bulshar disappears and Wynonna and Doc walk out of the door and right into the barn. They celebrate their victory, but then everything resets to the beginning with Wynonna in Shorty’s.

Wynonna struggles to make it up the stairs and then we see her outside talking to Bulshar and surrounded by the graves of her loved ones. Wynonna realizes that Bulshar made her dig their graves. She starts a mantra about Waverly not giving up on her. Bulshar tells her she abandoned her loved ones and that she’ll always be alone. He tortures Wynonna with the sounds of Doc in pain and tells her there’s only one way to save herself from the torment and that he always keeps his promises.

Rescue Mission

Jeremy calls Nicole and Waverly for help in the woods with a weird camera issue. As they’re walking through the woods, they see a pile of bushes/brush with a hand sticking out of it. Waverly realizes Bobo is in the pile and they work to get him out.

They wake Bobo up and he tells them Bulshar has Wynonna and Doc and what Bulshar did to him. They realize that Doc and Wynonna must be close. They go running off to find them.

They find the stairs from a few episodes ago, that Jeremy has realized leads to the Garden, and then they find Wynonna and Doc in the same brush set up that Bobo was in. Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy free Wynonna and Doc and when they wake up, Doc asks Wynonna if she gave up Peacemaker. The look on Wynonna’s face gives him the answer.

At the Homestead, Wynonna tells Waverly that Bulshar beat her and they have nothing left to fight him with. Wynonna says, “at least things can’t get worse”. Waverly then tells her about the ring.

Waverly tells Wynonna they’ll just bring the fight to Bulshar at the stairs and Wynonna tells her she didn’t see any stairs and suggests they can only be seen by people who are good.

Other Notable Plot Points

  • Waverly touches Mercedes’ face and at the end of the episode, we see that her face has started to heal.

  • Bobo reveals to Waverly that the ring is her father’s.