Second Bumblebee Trailers Harkens A New Era Of Transformers

Credit: Warner Brothers

We’ve been getting Transformers films about a little over a decade now. Ask any fan or casual moviegoer, they’ll tell you there has been a steady decline in quality since.

They just don’t make sense anymore.

Then we saw the first trailer for Bumblebee. We felt hope that perhaps the franchise would be going in a new, much needed direction.

It was sweet. It was nostalgic. It was…cute. You know what? We liked it. We really liked.

The second trailer dropped today. It looks like it’s still good. Obviously, we’ve seen trailers that have looked good for bad movies before. Man, we want to hope. Bumblebee ruffles Charlie’s (Hailee Steinfeld) hair! It’s adorable and we love them, okay?

We also get our first look at Shatter (voiced by Angela Bassett) and John Cena’s Burns, who will try to be the kibosh on adorable twosome.

While this is set years before the other films of Transformers franchise (perhaps in the same universe), we’re hoping that they spawn a nice universe instead. We’d like to see a happier ending for the good guys. C’mon Transformers! Pull an X-Men and mess up those timelines in order to make better movies. We won’t tell.

Bumblebee hits theatres December 21st.

Bec Heim