Noah Centineo Talks His Rom-Com Success, Stardom, And What’s Next

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By now you should be aware of the internet’s latest obsession – Noah Centineo. After portraying the equally charming Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Jamey in Sierra Burgess is a Loser, the internet has crowned the 22-year old everyone’s collective boyfriend.

Centineo isn’t new to the acting world, and rose to fame as Jesus in the ABCFamily/Freeform series The Fosters. If his face seems almost too familiar, you may have also seen him as Dallas in Austin & Ally quite a few years back in 2011. (As if you needed another reminder just how young Centineo is).

But if you thought all this media attention would have made a massive change in Centineo’s life, you’d be disappointed. The actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly recently and said apart from “taking more meetings and having more opportunities”, nothing has changed for him. However, he does recognize the privileged position he suddenly finds himself in. “I’ve never been in a position where I’ve been able to say no to projects until these films came out,” he said. “Now there are more options. It’s exciting now to be able to look at projects and say, ‘Well this is right for me; this isn’t right for me.’”.

Both as Peter and as Jamey, Centineo has charmed his way into the hearts of millions of people in the short span of four weeks. But while the flawed-but-perfectly-so characters he portrays may have some similarities to who Noah himself is, he is not afraid of being mistaken for one or the other. “No one’s really going to know me until they know me in person, so whether they have this idea of who Noah is or this idea of who Peter is, both are fabricated,” he told EW. “You don’t really know someone until you know them. You might even be with someone for years and hang out with them and still might not know them. So to me, it’s not really that important to try to differentiate; I just keep on keeping on.”

So far Centineo has only experienced a tiny portion of the adoration his fans have for him while attending VidCon, however, he encourages them to focus their energy on self-love. “It really was incredible to interact with fans but it also kind of bothered me because they’re all people with their own lives and their own dreams, who could do so much with the time that they spend following and raving over other people,” he said. “There’s something so beautiful about idolizing someone and loving someone, but at the same time, I feel like if people were to spend a fraction of the time that they spent paying attention to other people on themselves, they’d feel so much more fulfilled and whole.”

While not fully embracing his newfound celebrity, Centineo undoubtedly wants to continue working as an actor. While not completely detaching himself from the rom-com genre, Centineo has other roles he’d love to explore. “Every actor wants to play the heroin addict,” he joked. “I definitely have that bug; I’d really like to do some auteur, existential pieces, darker films, something that’s really reflective of life.”

There may already be a new project on the horizon for the young actor, this time an action film. ”There’s actually a film right now — they’re looking for the right female role but I read the script and I’m absolutely in love with it,” he teased. “It’s rare that I read a script and I immediately go, ‘This is perfect. I can see myself in this.’ But when I read this one, I was like, ‘This is a role that I know I can kill and it’s an action film and it’s hilarious and it’s dramatic and it’s so good’”.

Noah Centineo will go his way, whether that will bring him back to another rom-com, an action thriller, or the desired heroin addict, that much we are sure of. And until then, we’ll be busy re-watching To All The Boys and Sierra Burgess until the end of days.

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