Henry Cavill Out As Superman Amidst Warner Brothers Shake-Up Of DC Films

Credit: Warner Brothers

Honestly, the most compelling behind the scenes drama is going on over at Warner Brothers right with the DC Films. We’re not even joking, it’s bananas.

With the exception of Wonder Woman, most of the recent slate of DC Films have felt the ire of critics and fans alike. It’s led to some behind the scenes drama over at Warner Bros are they desperately try to fix things. From disconnected films to tonal shifts to replacing members of DC Films, it’s been nuts.

Now, it’s time for an even bigger shake-up that’s sending one actor up-up-and-away from the franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Henry Cavill has exited the DC Extended Universe as Clark Kent/Superman. Reportedly, talks broke down while trying to schedule Cavill for a cameo in the upcoming 2019 film, Shazam! It looks like we won’t be seeing any incarnation of Superman for awhile.

Warner Brothers and DC Films are focusing more on their Supergirl film project. There’s only so much an age difference between actors we can take before we stop believing the credibility of the whole, ‘my cousin was in a stasis coma while I got older’ storyline.

The story will also be an origin, though if it takes place on Krypton or not, we don’t know at this time. Either way, a new actor for the movie would make sense.

To be fair, Cavill has had a rough run of his stint as the Man of Steel. The 2013 solo feature was deemed to be just okay by fans and critics alike. Then there was Batman vs Superman, which was less successful. Then there was Justice League and that CGI mustache-removal that still haunts all our of dreams.

The next DC films up to bat is Aquaman, which hits theatres December 21st.

Bec Heim