Grown-ish And Black-ish Star Yara Shahidi And Jimmy Fallon Team-Up For Schoolhouse Rock Voting PSA

Credit: NBC

We’re approaching that time of year. Come this November, we’re going to need to get out and vote. The 2018 midterms for the US is definitely important.

For the first time voters, however, making sure you’re registered can be a bit of a confusing process. Lucky for you, Jimmy Fallon and Yara Shahidi (Grown-ishBlack-ish) have teamed up to take you through the process. It’s time to get Schoolhouse Rock on everybody.

In this animated short, the duo follow an animated talking ballot to Voting Avenue and learn a lot of things along the way.

“So you say that you’re 18. Well I’ll tell you what that means. It’s an opportunity for something new. It don’t matter who you are, if you walk or drive a car. It don’t make a difference if you’re red or blue,” sings the ballot to young voters.

At the end of the short, Shahidi tells new voters to visit or asking Siri for instructions. She also reminds them that elections happen more often than you thought.

“There’s an election every year, Jimmy, and state and local elections can be just as important, if not more.”

Check out the video below. Remember to go out and vote!

Bec Heim

Senior Editor at 4YE
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