Doc’s Hunger Starts To Get The Better Of Him On Wynonna Earp In “Waiting Forever For You”

Credit: Syfy

Previously, Wynonna and Nicole had an incredibly unlucky day, Michelle left, Wynonna found out about Doc, and Nicole found out it was Nedley who rescued her from the massacre.

Big Gay Dinner

At the Gardner mansion, Kate kidnaps a man for Doc to eat, but Doc refuses because he can take care of himself. Doc goes into the woods and starts hunting.

Out at a hiking trail, Robin is picking up trash and discussing BGD (Big Gay Dinner) plans with Jeremy when Doc runs up behind him, tackles him to the ground and bites him.

Doc brings Robin, who’s still alive, to Jeremy at HQ. Between the bite on Robin’s arm and the blood covering Doc’s mouth, Jeremy realizes that Doc had Kate turn him. Doc tries to tell Jeremy that he thinks something is wrong with Robin because he tastes funny, but Jeremy, understandably, tells him off and Doc leaves.

When Jeremy and Robin get to the Homestead for dinner, Waverly recruits Robin to help her in the kitchen. They start off having a nice talk but then Robin starts acting weird and talking about potatoes having feelings and Bulshar being able to talk to them. He also licks a potato for no apparent reason.

Out in the dining room, Nicole and Jeremy are talking while she’s setting the table and putting biscuit out and Jeremy notices Bulshar’s ring sticking out of one of the biscuits. Nicole drops it in shock and bends down to pick up the ring right as Waverly walks in, causing an unfortunate misunderstanding between the two of them. Nicole explains it’s Bulshar’s ring and that it seems to keep coming back to her. Jeremy tells them about Doc biting Robin and Waverly tells them about Robin licking the potato. They all heard the door shut because Robin just walked out.

Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy find Robin half naked in a corner of the barn, hunched over and scratching himself, kind of in a trance. He talks about needing to keep fertilizing the soil. He tells them Bulshar is close, but snaps out of it before he can give them details. He is able to tell them that the trees are reluctantly doing Bulshar’s bidding. To make Robin feel better, they all tell him the weird stuff they’re dealing with and we learn that Jeremy can feel when his friends are scared.

The moment is interrupted by Constance Clootie, who was resurrected by Bulshar, entering the barn. Nicole and Waverly try taking swings at he,r but she dodges them and throws Nicole to the side. Constance goes over to a box of Doc’s stuff and pockets some cards. Bulshar’s ring starts to burn in Nicole’s pocket so she takes it out and throws it to the ground. Waverly puts it on, and punches Constance super hard and she goes flying backwards. Constance gets up and leaves.

Wynonna and Kate

Jeremy interrupts Wynonna and Charlie’s dinner date (Thanks, Jeremy) to tell her about Doc biting Robin. They leave to take care of it.

Wynonna bursts into the Gardner mansion and immediately has to dodge a gunshot from Kate. Wynonna tells her that Doc bit a friend of hers and Kate brushes it off as Doc just being hungry and that’s the price they pay to have Doc forever. Wynonna accuses Kate of tricking Doc and glamouring him and tells her she’s going to shoot her to get Doc’s soul back. Kate invites Wynonna to sit down and have a drink while Kate tells her the entire truth, because Doc is the reason she’s a vampire, she lied before when she said she’d always been one.

Kate tells Wynonna her family were nobles from Europe and after losing her family, she started reading tarot to get by, it was something she was good at. She and Doc met when she refused to finish Bulshar’s reading and Doc came to her defense. Doc also pocketed the cards.

We see another flashback of Kate and Doc, this time of them in bed and Kate suggesting they run away together and Kate finding out about Doc’s tuberculous. Wynonna gets annoyed at Kate and tells her to get to the part where she abandoned Doc. The two end up standing back up and holding knives out.

Constance walks in, interrupting their standoff, but only stays long enough to look at Kate’s tarot cards and then leave. Kate immediately recognizes her and tells Wynonna that power recognizes power, even when it’s fading. They think Constance is looking for Doc, but aren’t sure.

Wynonna and Kate go to the Homestead after Constance’s attack and Waverly tells them she saw Constance take some cards. Kate explains that they were Bulshar’s cards from the reading Kate didn’t finish and he wants to know the last card. Wynonna and Kate leave to find Constance, but not before Kate gives Waverly a warning about the ring.

When Constance and Kate find Constance, Kate realizes they’re too late. Constance walks over and kneels in front of Wynonna and Wynonna shoots her with Peacemaker (Peacemaker glows blue.)

Doc and Charlie

Doc walks into Shorty’s, after receiving a text from Wynonna asking him to meet her there but Charlie is there instead. Charlie traps him with a rope soaked in holy water and tells Doc that Wynonna wanted a few words with Kate without Doc interrupting.

Charlie and Doc start trading insults and are interrupted by Constance walking into the bar. Charlie rips Constance’s arm off, hits her with it, then frees Doc. Doc hits Constance hard enough in the chest to knock her back into something and she gets knocked out. He realizes it’s Constance when he tastes the salt on his fist.

Doc and Charlie drive out to the well with Constance, planning to drop her in, but Constance gets out of the trunk and drives off in Doc’s car. Doc and Charlie’s only option is to run back into town but Doc starts to struggle because he’s hungry. He lunges at Charlie but Charlie easily pushes him back and knocks him out.

Doc wakes up at Shorty’s and Charlie gives him a cup of blood that he got from a paramedic friend. They talk about Wynonna. (It’s boring.)


After Constance finds the cards, she takes them directly to Bulshar, who reads them with glee, they are The Devil (past), The Lovers, (present), and The Tower (future).

Kate tells Wynonna she doesn’t remember Bulshar’s cards, but Wynonna gets an idea to have Kate read her because their future should be linked.

At the Homestead, Nicole, Jeremy and Waverly can’t get Bulshar’s ring off Waverly’s finger and Jeremy notices there’s new writing on the ring. As he’s looking it up, Wynonna barges in and tells them she knows what Bulshar’s looking for and tells them her cards;┬áThe Devil (past), The Tower (present), The Lovers (future). She tells them The Lovers represents Adam and Eve and Jeremy interrupts to tell them the writing on the ring is Arabic for “Garden of Paradise.” Waverly and Nicole are skeptical about the Garden being in the Triangle but Wynonna reminds them that Juan Carlo told her the Triangle is a Sanctuary. Robin walks in and tells them that Bulshar already found the garden.

The episode ends with Wynonna and Doc having moment in the barn and they are interrupted Bulshar. Wynonna draws Peacemaker, which glows white, but Bulshar blows some powder at the two of them.