Disney’s New Marvel TV Series Could See Loki And Scarlet Witch Get Their Own Shows

Credit: Marvel

Well, it looks as if the sun is set to shine on us again, brothers and sisters.

News has come through from Variety yesterday (September 18) that Disney’s impending streaming service has its juggernaut Marvel franchise firmly in its sights and will create several stand alone limited series centred around characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fans went into a frenzy as the leaked information mentioned that one of the best “villains turned good guy”, Loki is one of the characters to possibly be given his own short series, along with shows featuring Scarlet Witch and other “second tier characters”.

In even better news for fans is that ideally the roles will be played by the original actors, which means a return to our screens for Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen.

While the hugely ambitious project is still in the early stages of development, sources close to the project have hinted that the budgets for them are set to rival any of the other large scale productions – think Game of Thrones type money and then add some more to that! Each character’s series is expected to be between six and eight episodes. There is obviously at this point no word on if they will do crossovers.

Marvel Studios will produce the shows with Kevin Feige, who has been at the helm of the MCU, set to take a hands on role in the development and story lines. This means that the story lines will feed logically through the already well weaved and loved MCU film franchise.

As this is still just in its early stages there is no writing team attached to the projects as yet and Marvel and Disney had no comment.

The Disney streaming will see the company launch in among the already popular streaming platforms that are across the globe. While they have yet to release any information they have said it will cost less than Netflix and that the launch will be late 2019 at this point.

If the new service can pull off this hugely ambitious plan, using an already established universe and the actors in those roles, they will effectively have a ready made audience in comic book and film franchise fans.

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