Can Wynonna And Nicole Put Their Differences Aside To Save The Day In “I Fall To Pieces”?

Credit: Syfy

Previously, the gang celebrated Christmas, we found out that Bulshar was kidnapping townspeople and feeding them wonky walnuts and green goo, and Kate turned Doc.

Wynaught Shenanigans 

The episode opens with Nicole starting her campaign to be Sheriff at the firehouse. Her conversation with the firemen gets interrupted by Wynonna doing a walk of shame out of a fire engine because Wynonna and Charlie are a thing… still… Nicole is less than impressed by the interruption.

Nicole and Wynonna go to Nedley’s office and he gives them a key to a hidden closet. It’s full of possibly supernatural things he’s picked up over the years and he asks them to go through it and figure out what to keep. Nedley asks how things are going with the city council and Nicole tells him she’s having trouble with one member, Bunny Loblaw. Nedley offers some advice and Nicole decides to set up a meeting.

Instead of helping Nicole with the closet, Wynonna chooses to go through Nedley’s old notebooks and finds a photo of him with a little girl. Nicole calls her out for not doing anything and Wynonna gets up and starts throwing stuff out of the closet. Nicole tries to stop her from throwing a mirror, but it backfires and the mirror ends up smashed on the floor after breaking a statue. After the statue breaks, we see a demon mountain man come out of a barn.

Wynonna heads to Shorty’s to find Doc, but just finds Nedley and shows him the photo. Nedley asks how the closet is going and Wynonna makes a few comments about Nicole being stuck up. Nedley tells her to go easy on Nicole because they have more in common than they might think. He gives her the photo back and points at the little girl.

At Nicole’s house, she is frantically cleaning to get ready for her meeting with Bunny Loblaw when Bunny just walks into her house. They immediately get off on the wrong foot when Bunny sees Calamity Jane (Nicole’s cat) and tells Nicole to get rid of her because she’s deathly allergic and it all goes downhill from there. Bunny knows something is happening in Purgatory and that the town is being kept in the dark and she wants someone to tell her what’s going on. Wynonna interrupts the meeting and Bunny tells Nicole that she’s considering backing Wynonna for Sheriff because she’s from one of the original families, “a straight shooter,” and “a tough bitch,” and Nicole is an outsider who’s “a little too different.”

Nicole pulls Wynonna into the kitchen to talk/yell at her and Bunny sees the mountain man from earlier in the window, causing her to collapse. When Wynonna and Nicole walk back in, Calamity Jane is on Bunny, making Nicole think the cat is the reason for the collapse. They wake Bunny up and then get her into Nicole’s cruiser to take her to the hospital, but Nicole and Wynonna get into another short argument and the cruiser (and Bunny) is stolen by some local college kids.

Wynonna and Nicole track the cruiser to a Revenant filled biker bar, but when they get there, they can’t get into the cruiser and end up breaking the spare key trying to unlock it. Wynonna decides to try to sneak in and steal the keys from the college kids but they are caught by one of the Revenants. Wynonna tells the Revenant to let the boys go and proposes a drinking contest; if the Rev wins, he gets to kill Wynonna and Nicole. Nicole sends the newly freed boys to take the cruiser and get Bunny to the hospital.

At HQ, Jeremy and Waverly realize something is off and Wynonna and Nicole have been having an unusually unlucky day. They discover the broken mirror and start repairing it with the hope of turning Nicole and Wynonna’s luck around.

At the bar, it looks like Nicole and Wynonna have won the contest but then the Revenant discovers Wynonna has been cheating, so Wynonna and Nicole make a break for it. Unfortunately, they’re handcuffed together and Nicole is drunk af, so it’s a little difficult.

The two get into (another) argument while running through the woods, but are interrupted by a few Revenants. They take out three of the Revenants but the leader from the bar manages to restrain both of them. Luckily, the mountain man saves them, but then tells them they owe him a wife

At HQ, Waverly and Jeremy fix the mirror just in time for Wynonna and Nicole to come running in yelling about the mountain man. They go back to the spot where the mirror was and find a broken garden gnome and realize the mountain man is a gnome. They put the gnome back together and discover that it’s the gnome’s wife, and once he sees her, he leaves.

Later, while Wynonna is taking out the trash, she sees Bunny standing at the Sheriff’s dept counter, waiting to speak to Nicole to let her know she’s not getting her support. Wynonna calls Bunny out on her bullshit, gives her a list of reasons why Nicole should be Sheriff and then threatens her into supporting Nicole.

After Bunny leaves, Wynonna sees Nicole standing across the room, having heard the whole thing. Nicole and Wynonna have a nice heart to heart and Wynonna shows Nicole the photo and tells her Nedley was the one who saved her.

Nicole goes to Nedley’s office and shows him the photo and he tells her about finding her that day. Nedley has been keeping an eye out for her since and knew he had to offer her a job when he saw she had enrolled in the police academy. Nicole tells him everything good in her life is because she came back to the Triangle and he tells her she’s like a daughter to him and they hug.

Mama Earp and Doc

Michelle finds Doc rooting around in the barn and tells him she needs to get out of town for a little bit and he’s going to help her.

Michelle has Doc take her to Ward and Willa’s gravestone so she can leave flowers. Doc offers his condolences and Michelle makes a few comments about Willa having a mean streak and how she would have made a terrible heir, but then tells Willa she’s sorry.

Michelle and Doc have a tequila driven heart to heart on the side of the road and Doc asks her what it’s like to be with an angel. Michelle tells him how Julian made her feel and then reveals what Bobo told her; Ward pushed Julian outside the Triangle the night Waverly was born. Michelle tells Doc that she set Bobo free and he, understandably, gets upset. She then tells Doc what else she needs from him.

Doc brings Michelle a stolen ID (courtesy of Kate), cash, and a stolen car so she can get out of town safely. She tells Doc she has to go find Julian because he’s lost and then reveals that she knows he’s a vampire before driving off.

At the Homestead, Wynonna comes home to Waverly crying while reading a letter Michelle wrote, explaining that she left to find Julian.

When Wynonna goes outside with her letter, Doc is standing there. He gives her Bulshar’s ring but doesn’t explain how he got it. Wynonna asks him about spending the day with Michelle and then reads him the first line of Michelle’s letter, which warns her not to trust Doc. Doc tries to deflect, but Wynonna doesn’t let him and starts slapping him until he reveals his vampire self. They argue and Wynonna walks back into the house and tells Doc he’s not welcome there anymore.