Black Lightning EP On How Season 2 Is Inspired By The “Pain And Absurdity” Of The World

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning will be back for season two in a couple weeks. We couldn’t be more excited to see where the CW will go in its sophomore season.

Just like threads through season one, season two will also turn to the real world or some inspiration.

Talking with Entertainment WeeklyBlack Lightning executive producer Salim Akil talked about the plans for the season. It looks like the consequences of the super empowering Green Light will be still be explored.

“I remember not too long ago when crack hit the streets, someone coined the phrase that this was going to be a generation of “superpredators” that had no conscience, and they were talking about young black men and women who were addicted to crack and in the ghettos of America. So what we’re doing is something similar, examining what are the consequences of when you put a drug like Green Light in the community. To your point, we’re not going to have a bunch of monsters running around every week, but we will see the manifestation of what it does to each individual, because it does something different to each individual. So that to me is what’s interesting about it. We’re going to have fun, I love having fun. So there will be that aspect of it, but hopefully, when you see it, it will be steeped in something recognizable and can start the conversation.”

Using superheroes to have a conversation about real world topics? We’re definitely here for that. Of course, don’t expect a “Green Light affected person of the week” format. Akil describes it as “overarching community-based effort to tackle this”, which definitely will be interesting to watch.

As for what’s the other inspirations of season two? Well here’s part of Akil’s answer.

“To your point, I take a lot of inspiration from the pain and the absurdity of what a lot of people in this world have to go through. It’s just ridiculous.”

Black Lightning returns on October 9th at 9/8c on the CW.

Bec Heim