A Number Of Mysterious Women Lead Our Heroes On A Merry Chase In Wynonna Earp’s “The Other Woman”

Credit: Syfy

Last week, Wynonna and Doc got stuck in a torturous time loop that resulted in Wynonna giving Peacemaker to Bulshar.

This week, Anna Silk!!

Juan Carlo’s Journal

The episode starts with a flashback to 1887 with Juan Carlo dictating a journal entry to a woman named Maeve. Robert Svane interrupts and Juan Carlo sends Maeve¬†home with the journal, telling her to hide it. He and Robert leave to go to the salt flats and make sure they get Peacemaker, a large knife, to the “champion.”

The flashback ends and we see Bobo telling the story to Wynonna at the Sheriff’s station. He’s being kept in the large plastic cell that we saw last season and he’s not making a lot of sense. One too many trips to hell and the time loop really messed him up. Wynonna gives up trying to get information out of Bobo and leaves.

Waverly and Jeremy start recapping the information they have about the Garden and Bobo says something about someone taking a book. He tells Waverly to ask Doc about a witch named Juan Carlo. When Waverly reminds him who Juan Carlo was, Bobo tells her “he defended her,” which prompts Waverly to check the board again. There she finds a picture of Juan Carlo with a woman named Maeve. Waverly asks Nicole to find Doc and ask him who Maeve is.

At Shorty’s, Doc is just tearing into his newest blood delivery when Nicole walks in to get his help. When she shows him the picture Waverly gave her, he identifies the woman as Maeve Perley. Nicole recognizes the last name, she’s a relative of Mattie the Blacksmith and her less than fabulous sister, Gretta. Doc suggests checking the Perley Homestead, but before they leave, he warns Nicole that he’s extremely hungry because she may need to kill him.

When they get to the Perley Homestead, Doc tells Nicole that Maeve was burned days before Bulshar was shot by Wyatt because people thought she was a witch. When they walk into the house, they see evidence that Gretta has left and has probably been gone a while. Since the heat is off and it’s freezing in the house, Doc lights a fire and it seems to awake the ghost of Maeve Perley.

Doc tries talking to Maeve and asks her about the journal, but she just decides to mock him and be wildly unhelpful. Nicole steps forward to give it a try, but unfortunately gets possessed.

Maeve tells Doc that she needs a fresh body to move into and offers the journal if he kills Nicole, giving Maeve Nicole’s body. Doc refuses to kill Nicole because she’s his friend. Maeve tells him to get her someone to move into and that he has to kill them in front of Maeve. Doc calls Jeremy for back up.

When Jeremy gets there, Maeve possesses him, but after a minute in his body, she tells Doc and Nicole that she needs someone “purely human” and jumps back into Nicole. Jeremy asks Doc how they know Maeve really has the journal and Nicole/Maeve coughs up a page of the journal and gives it to them.

Maeve refuses to give up the journal without Nicole’s body and keeps trying to get Doc to bite her and threatens to burn the journal. Doc realizes the journal is hidden in the fireplace. When he finds it, Maeve gets angry and lights the house on fire.

The fire department get to the house super fast and Charlie is the one who gets Doc out. Unfortunately for him, Doc is still very hungry and Charlie is convenient, so Doc feeds on him, killing him.

When Nicole runs over and discovers that Doc killed Charlie, she gets angry at Doc and tells him if she ever sees him again, she’ll kill him. As Doc is walking away, we see him laugh.

At the Sheriff’s station, Jeremy starts reading the journal and discovers that Bulshar is the snake from the Garden. Robin recognizes a Blood Eclipse depicted in the book and it’s the only chance they have to stop Bulshar.

Earp Sisters

When Wynonna gets home, she finds Charlie in the barn fixing her lawnmower. He tries to make it a whole innuendo filled thing, but she just hugs him because incoming apocalypse. Wynonna gives him a recap of what’s going on and they’re interrupted by a woman named Kevin (played by Anna Silk!!) on Wynonna’s porch.

Kevin tells Wynonna she belongs to a group of people tasked with looking after the balance in the world and that they don’t interfere with events, just observe. Desperate times has called for her to pay Wynonna a visit and let her know of a weapon that could kill Bulshar.

Kevin refuses to say more in front of Charlie and Wynonna takes him out to the porch to talk to him. She asks him to leave and he does, after some argument and “What about me??” whining.

When Wynonna gets back inside, Waverly is there and Kevin explains that the weapon is Bulshar’s arm that was cut off. The arm is still in the mines where it was cut off by Mercedes last season, making it dangerous to attempt to retrieve. Waverly and Wynonna decide to just go for it.

At the mine, Waverly and Wynonna start walking towards the entrance but hear a man screaming. We see a Revenant with a glowing arm walk out of the mine. Waverly tells Wynonna the mine used to be a uranium mine and suggests the Revenant is radioactive. She also recognizes the Revenant as One-armed Clint, thanks to her research and realizes the glowing arm belongs to Bulshar.

Waverly and Wynonna run out of bullets trying to stop Clint, who is slowing walking towards them, and Wynonna tries stabbing him with her keys. Unfortunately, Waverly was right about Clint being radioactive and Wynonna gets burned and collapses.

Waverly gets Wynonna up, but can’t get a phone signal and town is too far away, so they decide to go to the Gardner house because it’s closest and Clint is still following them. When they get there, Mercedes is still home and she excitedly shows them her healed face and tells Waverly that she healed her.

Clint barges into the house and Waverly and Wynonna manage to take Clint down and take his arm off, thanks to Waverly’s new ring ability, telekinesis.

Kevin walks into the house and tells Waverly and Wynonna that the arm isn’t actually the weapon. Wynonna gets angry and tells Kevin she’s proven herself time and time again and Kevin explains that the test was for Waverly, that Waverly is the champion.

Kevin tells Waverly that Bulshar stole the ring from Julian and gives some background about Bulshar and the Garden. Apparently Julian and Juan Carlo were tasked with protecting the Garden. Waverly was tested to make sure she could wield the ring, because she’s only half angel. In order to stop Bulshar, Waverly has to take Julian’s place on his throne and seal the Garden. The catch is, Waverly will lose her life because she’ll turn to stone.

Waverly tells Kevin she doesn’t think she can do it. Kevin calls her selfish and tells her she expected more from her, and so would Julian.

At the end of the episode, Waverly and Wynonna talk about Waverly sacrificing herself and Wynonna tells her she’s not letting it happen.